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The Betty Wheeler Collection -- Auction 33-- June 16th, 17th & 18th, 2017

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Image Lot Description Estimate (USD) Price Realized
3095 Lineol 3 German Soldiers Attention Flag Salute - The tin spray painted flag is the first version with gold trim/ highlights. The flag bearer has some touch-up to parts of pants and helmet. Face and paint quality are excellent. The 2 officers really have nothing wrong with them. Excellent faces and paint quality. 3 Figures. I Flag. 7.5 cm. ONLY offered 1937-39. Flag Bearer very Good. Figures/ Flag are Excellent Plus. $80 - $160 $40
3096 Hausser Prototype Bomb Craters Wires 4 Figures - This piece came from the Hausser Archive Sale. Late addition to their West Wall series. Base marked O. and M. Hausser with cat #13470/9. Like new. Base is 12 1/2 inches x 7 inches. Highest point about 3 inches. 11 posts with strung wire. Back side with standing room for soldiers. Soldiers included; 2 Elastolin. US and 2 Lineol. Germans. 5 Pieces. 7 cm and 7.5 cm. Rare and Excellent. $80 - $160 $110
3097 Gama Tractor with Inertial Type Motor - 6 inches long and almost 4 inches wide at the back. Shows wear to the paint. Rubber tires still very good. Base marked Made in Germany along with FOREIGN and D.R.G.M. The inertial motor works good. Put motor brake on and wind the crank in front and release the brake. A solid piece that weighs 1 lb. SS driver is metal and postwar. Tractor and driver. Compatible with Elastolin and Lineol figures. Found in 1936-37 Hausser catalog pulling a cannon. Very Good. $80 - $160 $40
3098 Lineol Durso 2 Mussolini 1 with Movable Arm - Lineol Mussolini with no cracks and little smudge to left side of face. Paint quality and uniform detail are excellent. The movable arm works normally. The Durso figure has a thin partial neck crack with no apparent wear. Paint is excellent. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. Durso figure in 1940 Durso catalog. Mussolini made from 1936-39 by Lineol. Excellent. $60 - $100 $35
3099 Lineol Elastolin 2 Mounted General Officer - Lineol horse with minor leg crack and hardly any wear. General has thin neck crack with hardly any wear. Paint and uniform detail are excellent. Elastolin horse is a roan with excellent paint. There is a nick to the front right leg and a split to the back left leg. The officer has a very thin leg crack and hardly any wear. 2 Horses and 2 riders. 7 cm and 7.5 cm. Lineol made 1934-39. Elastolin 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $40
3100 4 Medical Figures 4 Different Makers - Duscha figure with German soldiers carrying draped wounded. Kienel German soldier with wounded on back. Durso German soldiers walking with arms around each other. Elastolin tri-figure with German medics carrying wounded on pole. Great detail and excellent paint. 4 Pieces. 7 cm and 7.5 cm. Duscha about 25 years old. Rest made from 1934-40. Excellent Plus. $80 - $120 $90
3101 Reiner Krock 4 German Soldiers Combat - Nothing wrong with any of the figures. The usual fine workmanship and detail. Note the soldier with the flame thrower. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. About 20 Years old. Excellent Plus. $40 - $80 $20
3102 Lineol 2 Explosions 2 US wounded on Ground - Both explosions with hardly any wear and no cracks. Wounded with helmet one thin crack and hardly any wear. Wounded with rifle shows no cracks or wear. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Figure with rifle made ONLY 1937-39. Other pieces 1933-39. Excellent. $60 - $100 $35
3103 Hausser Pak 3 Elastolin German Soldiers - The PAK is a postwar model in olive drab and has no wear. It cocks and fires normally. Both tires marked Hausser. Soldier on knee with rifle has a gloss coat and very little wear. The other 2 have a few minor cracks and some light wear. 4 pieces. 7 cm. Soldiers made 1935-40. with Shell 1937-40. PAK 1955-60. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $100
3104 Lineol Medical Tent with 8 Medical Figures - Tent cloth has no holes and hardly any staining. Both spray painted Red Cross flags are original with hardly any wear. There is an original Lineol sticker under the base. Figures are all very good with few cracks and some light wear. One stretcher bearer is missing a hand but carries ok. 9 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made from about 1933-39. $80 - $120 $200
3105 Lineol 4 US Artillery Figures - Soldier kneeling with sight finder is very scarce with no cracks and an original device. This was ONLY offered in the last 1938-39 Lineol catalog. The other 3 have a couple of minor cracks and just some light wear. The 2 figures with the brown helmets are late version US from 1937-39. 5 Pieces. 7.5 cm. last 3 figures made 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $180
3106 Elastolin 5 German Red Cross with Wounded - The wounded soldier on the stretcher has 1 minor crack and hardly any wear. Made 1937-40. The scarce Red Cross figures were ONLY offered 1939-40. Nurse has chip to skirt. The other 4 with minor cracks and some light wear. Note they have the distinctive triangle marking on the right sleeve and red /white band on the left cuff. 8 pieces. 7 cm. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $190
3107 Durso 7 Leading WW11 Leaders - All from the postwar 1960 Durso catalog. All with no cracks and hardly any wear. Only Churchill has no name on the front of the base. Leaders from left to right in photo; Churchill, Montgomery, Eisenhower, De Gaulle, Zhukov, Stalin and Roosevelt. 7 pieces. All about 8 cm. ( 3 1/4 inches). Post War. Excellent. $80 - $160 $60
3108 4 Luftwaffe Lineol Elastolin Goering 3 Soldiers - Really good example of Goering. No cracks and hardly wear. Pristine uniform painting. Elastolin officer with moving arm has no cracks or wear.2 Lineol with slung rifles have minor crack with just some light wear. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. 2 Soldiers 1935-39, Officer 1938-40 and Goering ONLY 1938-39. Excellent. $80 - $160 $80
3109 4 Recruits 1 Drill Sargent 2 Goosestepping 2 Att. - Drill sargent is a Kienel figure with 1 small crack and hardly any wear. The 3 recruits in gray fatigues all have some touch-up, a couple of minor cracks and some light wear. All faces are excellent and original. The very scarce recruit with hands behind back has a thin split to back of cap and hardly any wear. 5 Pieces. All 7 cm. Recruit in green made ONLY 1939-40. Others 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $60
3110 2 Composition Wheel German Motorcycles - The Elastolin cycle has a couple of small nicks and hardly any wear. Excellent face and detail. Version with no rollers for support. Small base at back has been modified. Lineol cycle has crack to rifle with some light wear. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Both made about 1934-39. Very Good. $60 - $100 $70
3111 Lineol Elastolin Camp Figures Helmet Stacks - 2 Lineol figures with a minor crack and some light wear. 6 Elastolin pieces with just a few minor cracks and some light wear. 8 Pieces. 7 cm 7.5 cm. Made about 1933-40 except for Elastolin resting only made 1935-36. Very Good. $60 - $100 $70
3112 Elastolin 4 Artillery Ramrod Shell Officer - Ramrod with couple of spots of touch-up and very good paint/ ramrod detail. Other 3 figures with few very minor cracks and hardly any wear. Metal shell held by soldier with lower left hand. 4 Pieces. 7 cm. All made about 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $45
3113 SA Elastolin Gloria 1 Mounted 2 with Flags - Horse has few minor leg cracks with both Swastikas on ends of saddle blanket. Rider with leg crack and all original armbands. The 2 flag bearers-Kienel and Gloria-have no cracks and excellent paint. Litho flags with just some very light wear. All figures suitable for any parade scene. 3 Figures,1 Horse, 2 Flags. 7 cm. Made about 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $45
3114 Elastolin 3 Luftwaffe with Flag Officer Soldier - Officer and soldier with rifle with no cracks and hardly any wear. Excellent faces and uniform detail. Flag early version with pointed end and like new lithographed detail/ color. Flag bearer with no cracks and hardly any wear. 3 Figures,1 Tin Lithographed flag. 7 cm. Made 1936-40. Excellent. $80 - $120 $80
3115 Elastolin 3 German Panzer Combat Soldiers - Charging with Pistol and throwing hand grenade have no cracks and just some light wear. Faces, paint and uniform detail excellent. Charging with rifle is a Vienna factory product and not seen in regular Hausser catalog. Figure has no cracks and excellent paint/ uniform detail. 3 Pieces. 7 cm. Made 1936-39. Vienna figure ONLY about 1939. Excellent. $60 - $120 $110
3116 Lineol Camouflage 88 Cannon with 2 Caissons - Complete and all gears/ breech functional. Cocks and fires normally. Excellent paint quality with just a few scratches mostly under the barrel where it touches the brace. Cable rolls full with original twine and the 4 tires are marked Lineol. Gun plus 2 caissons. 7.5 cm. Made from 1936-40. All original and excellent. $300 - $500 $325
3117 Elastolin Reiner Krock Luftwaffe Artillery - Soldier at shell cases and other man sitting are Elastolin. A thin crack, light wear with few spots of touch-up. Krock figure kneeling and shell cases are like new and postwar. 8 Pieces. 7 cm. Elastolin made 1936-40. Krock pieces about 20 years old. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $35
3118 Elastolin 3 Luftwaffe 2 Officers 1 Phone/ Cable - All 3 figures show some signs of touch-up which looks quite normal to the eye. Couple of small cracks with light wear. 3 Pieces. 7 cm. Made from about 1935-40. Very Good. $40 - $80 $50
3119 Elastolin Porcelain Head Goering Lineol SA - The movable arm of Goering is glued in place and there is some paint loss to the left arm and hip. Paint quality is very good and the porcelain head is excellent. The SA at attention has a couple of cracks and some wear. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Goering made only 1939-40. SA 1933-36. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $30
3120 Elastolin Lineol 5 Combat German Soldiers - All 5 figures show signs of touch-up, few cracks and light wear. Paint quality and equipment detail is very good. 5 Pieces. 7 cm. Made from about 1935-40. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $20
3121 Lineol Map Table Gp Table General Adjutant - Table with folding legs is excellent with no stains/tears to paper map top. The general with the monacle has no cracks with just some light wear. The adjutant leaning over the table has no cracks and hardly any wear. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Scarce-Made ONLY 1938-39. Excellent Plus. $100 - $150 $130
3122 Tipp and Co 100 Schuss Tank with Motor - Tippco's 100 Shot Tank. Well detailed lithographed tin with excellent color. Motor runs really well and it comes with a key. The jack is on the left front fender and it works. Caps are loaded and it comes with another 6-100 shot rolls. I find that all the caps don't fire but this is a function of the size and spacing of the caps as the mechanism is complete and fully functional. Tank plus caps. 7.5 cm. Made from 1938-42. Scarce in this Excellent Plus Condition. $300 - $500 $300
3123 Lineol 5 US Combat 1 Elastolin US - Elastolin figure with no cracks and hardly any wear. Lineol figures have few minor cracks and light wear. Cap firing MG cocks and fires normally. 1 kneeling soldier fires caps. Mechanism is complete. 6 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Lineol made about 1934-39. Elastolin made ONLY 1935-36. Overall Very Good. $80 - $160 $40
3124 Lineol Dead Horse 1 Explosion 1 German Soldier - Dead soldier is a Reiner Krock figure that is like new. Small explosion with some light wear. The very scarce horse has some small, thin leg cracks with excellent paint quality. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Krock figure about 20 years old. Explosion 1933-39. Horse ONLY made 1937-39. Excellent. $80 - $160 $40
3125 Hausser Motorcycle with Gun on Sidecar Rider - Cap firing gun with light wear. It cocks and fires. Rider ok with rifle tip missing. 2 Tools on side. Some touch-up to driver and parts of cycle. Wheels and sidecar all original. Motorcycle Rider 2 Tools Machine Gun. 7 cm. Made from 1935-39. Very Good. $150 - $200 $275
3126 Duscha Lineol Elastolin Camp Figures - Potable water trailer by Duscha. Rubber tires with Lineol logo. Rifle stack by Lineol with light wear. Krock figure washing like new. 2 Elastolin both very good. 2 milk cans very good. 8 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Duscha and Krock about 20 years old. Others 1934-40. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $100
3127 Elastolin 4 German Combat Marching - Soldier with rifle over shoulder and pack made ONLY 1934-35. No cracks and excellent. Other 3 with few very minor cracks and hardly any wear. Faces, paint quality and equipment detail all excellent. 4 Pieces. 7 cm. Made 1934-40. Excellent. $40 - $80 $100
3128 Elastolin 4 German Soldiers Combat - Few small cracks with just some light wear. Faces and paint quality all very good to excellent. 4 Pieces. 7 cm. Soldier without machine gun ONLY made 1939-40. Firing skyward 1938-40. Others made about 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $25
3129 Lineol 9 cm Dead Horse 2 Explosions 1 Dead - The rare horse by Lineol has few leg cracks with some general wear. This version horse never had a rider attached. Paint remains very good. The 2 explosions show just some light wear and have very good paint quality and detail. The dead soldier is an unknown in just good condition. 4 Pieces. Horse 9 cm. The rest 7 cm. Horse made 1926-32. Explosions 1935-40. Very Good. $80 - $160 $40
3130 Elastolin 3 Mounted German Soldiers - Both prancing horses with few cracks and some light wear. Each rider with leg crack and light wear. Gallopping hose with very minor crack and excellent paint. Rider with movable arm has thin leg crack and excellent paint. 3 Horses, 3 Riders. 7 cm. All 3 horses made only 1939-40. Riders 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $80
3131 Lineol 6 Wheel Armored Car Cannon in Turret - Excellent paint.2 Tone olive/ field gray. No dents to tin. Original antenna. Half-Panzer man on top. There is a small pop-gun type gun in turret. Simple pull/ release. Motor works good. As the car rolls forward the turret turns back and forth. Comes with a key. Lights not tested.1 Piece and Key. 7.5 cm. This color variation offered ONLY about 1939. Excellent. $700 - $900 $650
3132 6 Elastolin Camp Figures 2 Rifle Stacks - Figure polishing boots shows some touch-up. Other figures with few minor cracks and excellent paint. 2 Rifle stacks with very little wear. 8 Pieces. 7 cm. Reichwehr figures with red cuffs date to 1933-36. Carrying pails in helmet only 1936-37. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $60
3133 Lineol Special Casting Coldstream Guards with Flag - The flag bearer is a great figure with excellent paint, face and uniform detail. No marks on the spray painted English flag. The 2 soldiers have a couple of thin cracks and just some light wear. Faces and paint are very good. 3 Figures,1 Flag. Special casting from the bottom of the base to the top of the hat the figures are 3 1/2 inches tall. Offered only 1936-39. Overall Excellent. $120 - $180 $180
3134 Lineol Stahlhelm Bund WW1 German Veterans - All 3 figures with a couple of small cracks and some light wear. Faces and paint are very good. The spray painted flag has one small chip and a couple of spots that look like overpaint but not with modern lead free paint. It looks very good overall. Note the armbands of the volunteer Stahlhelm Bund. 3 Figures,1 Flag. 7.5 cm. ONLY made 1932-34. Very Good to Excellent. $120 - $180 $325
3135 Lineol Hindenburg RW Standard Off Present Sword - Hindenburg has a thin ankle crack and just some very light wear. Excellent paint and uniform detail with a first class face painting. The very scarce Adler Standard has two little nicks and excellent detail. The bearer and officer are both excellent. 3 Figures, 1 Standard. 7.5 cm. Standard made only 1933-35. Officer 1937-39. Hindenburg 1934-39. Excellent. $120 - $180 $70
3136 Elastolin 3 Pilots 1 Carry Prop Lineol 1 Pilot - Carrying prop has thin boot crack and some touch-up to outside part of left arm. Face and paint quality are very good. Pilot in green with just some light wear. Motorsturm figure in blue has boot crack and light wear. Lineol pilot is like new and in seldom blue/ gray flight suit. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Carry Prop ONLY 1934-35. Elastolin Pilot 1933-35. Motorsturm 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $90
3137 Elastolin 4 German Soldiers Work Crew - Wheelbarrow maker unknown. Nice piece with light wear. Lineol rubble pile with some wear. Soldier with pick axe is mostly repainted. The other 3 figures have few minor cracks and some light wear. 6 Pieces. 7 cm. All mostly made 1934-40. Very Good. $40 - $80 $45
3138 Hausser Postwar Long Barrel Cannon and PAK - These 2 cannons are identical to the Pre War pieces, just painted in olive green. Large cannon has excellent paint with just a few scratches. Cocks and fires and barrel is adjustable. No rear caisson. PAK with just some light wear. Cocks and fires normally. 2 Pieces. 7 cm. Long barrel gun made 1936-41 and then Post War in the 1950s. Same for PAK. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $200 $50
3139 Lineol 2 Danish BMW Motorcycles - Wheels on both cycles move freely and have minimal wear. Smaller cycle shows wear to frame with some paint loss to both figures. Rifles also have some chipping. Cycle with sidecar has just some light wear and no damage. It appears the driver has been repainted. Officer and back seat rider are very good. 2 Pieces. 2 Riders. 7.5 cm. Made 1934-39. Good to Very Good. $100 - $200 $160
3140 Lineol 3 Danish Soldiers 2 HG 1 MG - 2 with hand grenades have minor cracks and hardly any wear. Faces and paint are excellent. Machine gun with chip to one side of barrel and just some light wear. These figures have the late version paint for the Danes. About 1938-39. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $45
3141 Hausser Small Camo Cannon 2 Danish Soldiers - Cannon with some wear, especially to wheels.2nd version Hausser camouflage. Cocks and fires normally. Barrel adjuster tough to move. One wheel loose. Couple of thin cracks with just light wear to soldiers. Excellent faces and paint. 3 pieces. 7.5 cm. Cannon 1934-36. Figures 1936-39. Very Good. $40 - $80 $60
3142 Lineol 3 Danish Soldiers Elastolin 1 Danish - Figures with few minor cracks and some light wear. 2 cm FLAK gun missing the base. Faces and paint still very good. 4 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1936-40. Good to very Good. $40 - $80 $25
3143 Lineol 3 Lineol Danish 1 Elastolin Swiss - Couple of minor cracks with some light wear. Man at radio has general wear to body. Antenna complete. Wires missing from trench scope. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 1933-40. Very Good. $40 - $80 $30
3144 Lineol 3 Danish Combat Soldiers - Just couple of minor cracks with very good paint quality. Soldier with hollow barrel rifle that can shoot caps has had the back repaired and opening covered up. 3 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made from about 1934-39. Very Good. $20 - $40 $20
3145 Lineol Danish Mounted Officer Charging Horse - Rider with thin neck crack and very good paint. Charging horse with couple of leg cracks and excellent paint. Horse and rider. 7.5 cm. Made 1934-39. Very Good. $20 - $40 $15
3146 Danish 4 Combat Soldiers with 2 Man MG - 3 with rifles have one minor crack and hardly any wear. Faces and paint excellent. The scarce 2 man machine gun has light wear and both boot tips off man under gun. Faces and details are excellent. Man under gun can be rotated to make different positions. 4 pieces. 7.5 cm. With rifles 1934-39. 2-man gun ONLY 1938-39. Very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $70
3147 Lineol Danish Medical Stretcher Team Medic - Thin neck crack to medic with light wear to him and dog. Excellent face and very good paint. Wounded is maker unknown but size compatible. Paint very good. 2 bearers with no cracks and light wear. Paint quality excellent. Stretcher intact with some stains. 5 pieces. 7.5 cm. made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $70
3148 Lineol Danish 4 Combat 3 HG 1 Flame Thrower - Flame thrower with no cracks and excellent paint. Flame is complete. Pull pin on HG is missing grenade. 3 Soldiers with grenades all have very good faces and paint. 4 pieces. 7.5 cm. 2 made 1933-39. 2 Made 1937-39. Very Good. $40 - $80 $20
3149 Lineol Battalion Bunker 5 Figures - Just some light wear to bunker with couple wires missing or loose. Map table inside and gas alarm along wall. Very good color to composition. Measures 16 inches x 13 inches and about 6 inches high. Sides tapered at back-6 sides. The 5 figures are all original and excellent. Note the rare soldier with the semaphore wands. Only made with composition wands 1933-34. Bunker and 5 Figures. 7.5 cm. Bunker Made 1934-39. Figures 1934-40. Very Good to Excellent. $300 - $400 $400
3150 Lineol 2 Guards 1 with Dog Barbed Wire Span - Barbed wire span is by Reiner Krock. Neat detail and like new. About 20 years old. Guard with dog has no cracks with some light wear to include few chips to pants. Guard with slung rifle has thin neck crack with hardly any wear. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. The scarce figures made only 1937-39. Excellent. $80 - $120 $90
3151 Lineol 2 Explosions 4 Wounded Germans 1 Krock - Large explosion shows wear and is just good. Small explosion Elastolin has no wear. The 2 wounded with arms raised have 2 thin cracks and just light wear. Same for falling back shot. All 3 have very good faces and paint quality. 6 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 1934-39. Very Good $60 - $120 $30
3152 Hausser Scarce Supply Truck Field Kitchen - Late version field kitchen has excellent paint and all parts to include top insert and alchol holder in lower compartment. Both tires marked Hausser. The late version truck has excellent paint and 6 tires marked Hausser. The clockwork motor is sprung. Lights not tested. 2 pieces. 7 cm. Both pieces made late around 1939-40. Very Good to Excellent. $500 - $700 $550
3153 Reiner Krock German Signal Corps 1 Elastolin - Elastolin German lineman on pole has couple of cracks and light wear. Pole and insulators all excellent. The 4 Krock pieces are all like new with excellent detail to equipment. The rider and cable rolls are removable. 5 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Elastolin made 1936-40. Krock about 20 years old. Excellent. $80 - $160 $60
3154 Lineol Elastolin Standing Horses Hindenburg - All 3 horses with beautiful paint and only 2 thin partial cracks. Saber on Hindenburg's horse is removable. Hindenburg with no cracks and some very light wear. Bugler with thin leg crack. Elastolin officer with no cracks. All 3 have excellent faces and paint quality. 3 Riders, 3 Horses. 7.5 cm. All scarce and made about 1937-40. Excellent. $120 - $180 $130
3155 Lineol Horse Drawn Kitchen 3 German Soldiers - The 3 soldiers have a few cracks and general wear. They are in just good condition. The kitchen has excellent paint and no damage. All doors, lid and chimney are there. Both inserts are missing. The caisson is excellent with no wear or damage and excellent paint. The horses have a few cracks and some light wear. All chains are there. 3 Soldiers, 2 Horses, Caisson and kitchen. 7.5 cm. Made from 1935-39. Very Good to Excellent. $200 - $250 $225
3156 Lineol 4 Eyes Right Germans Goosestepping - Couple of neck cracks and 1 hand missing. One face with few scratches. Paint quality is excellent. 4 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1937-39. Eyes right figures are scarce. Very Good-Excellent. $150 - $250 $70
3157 Lineol 2 SS Marching and with Flag - The Hausser flag is excellent with hardly any wear. Neither figure has any cracks. One figure with a touched up face and the other with some touch-up to armband. 2 Figures. 1 Tin Lithographed flag. 7.5 cm. Figures made 1933-36. Flag about 1938-40. Very Good. $100 - $200 $130
3158 Elastolin 3 Marine Sturm Lineol 1 - Lineol figure made only 1933-36. No cracks and excellent paint with anchor on left collar. The figure in tan shirt has touch-up to pants and face. Marching in blue with some touch-up to face. Heiling all original and nice paint. 3 Pieces. 7 cm. Elastolin made 1933-39. Very Good. $80 - $120 $60
3159 Tippco Heavy Howitzer Soldier with Ramrod - Soldier with chips and some damage. Only fair to good. Cannon has just some light wear and excellent detail to firing mechanism and barrel elevation. Cocks and fires normally. Elevating mechanism complete and functional. Caisson with minor repair to hitch. This is a late addition to the Tipp catalog as it's not in the 1937 issue. 3 Pieces. 6.5 cm. made about 1939-42. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $90
3160 Preiser MIB 1939 Luftwaffe Standing Band Post War - Figures have not been out of the tray. Original tape that runs across each row still present. 42 Figures. Figures are hand painted plastic. Base measures 18 1/2 inches x 8 inches. Height with plastic cover is 7 inches. A limited edition. This set is #146 out of 300. Plastic top has one short split on top and part of one corner. It still fits easily over the tray. Main Tray and Plastic Cover. 7.5 cm Made about 1960s-1970s. $200 - $300 $90
3161 Lineol German Band 4 1 with Large Schellenbaum - Late version Schellenbaum (Jingling Johnny) is like new. Soldier with thin leg crack and hardly any wear. Other 3 with no cracks but few small spots of touch-up which look normal. Faces and paint quality are excellent. 4 Figures-1 Schellenbaum, Band Leader, Bugle, Snare Drum. 7.5 cm. Figures made 1934-39. Schellenbaum only 1937-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $120 $50
3162 Lineol German Band 4 1 with German Army Flag - Late version flag with no wear and excellent paint. Soldier with couple of cracks and some light wear. Other 3 with just 2 minor cracks and hardly any wear. Faces and paint are excellent. 4 Figures. 1 Flag, French Horn, Bass Drum, Flute. 7.5 cm. Flag made only 1937-39. Figures made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $120 $60
3163 Lineol German Band Tambour 3 Instruments - Couple of thin neck cracks with hardly any wear. Trombone with traces of touch-up to pants and tunic. Remaining faces and paint excellent. 4 Pieces. Oboe, Lyre, Trombone, Tambour Major. 7.5 cm. All made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $120 $45
3164 Lineol German Band 4 Different Instruments - Couple of figures show signs of touch-up Heliconn and Clarinet. They look normal to the eye. Tuba has some reworking of the pants. Cymbals is excellent. Generally faces and paint quality is very good. 4 Figures. Cymbals, Clarinet, Tuba, Heliconn (large tuba). 7.5 cm. All made 1934-39. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $60
3165 Lineol 2 German Army Standing Bandsmen - Both with thin neck cracks and one has small scuff to helmet. Just light wear with one face having scuffs. Very good paint quality and instrument detail. Bugle and Lyre. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Scarce figures made from 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $25
3166 Elastolin German Bass Drum Pulled by Dog Cart - Crack to right wrist of drummer with hardly any wear. Face, paint quality and drum detail are excellent. Dog all original with no cracks and hardly any wear. Cart complete with no damage and excellent paint. Drummer, Cart and Dog are 7 cm. Made from about 1934-39. Scarce and Excellent. $80 - $160 $375
3167 Lineol 2 Mounted German Band Heliconn French Horn - Horse with a few cracks and some light wear. Both have very good paint quality. Heliconn (large tuba) has no cracks with light wear to include scrapes to face and helmet. French horn has neck crack and some touch-up to pants and coat. 2 Horses. 2 Riders. 7.5 cm. Made from 1933-39. Very Good. $40 - $80 $20
3168 Arnold Postwar Jeep US MP's Complete - Really fine example of this vehicle. Excellent tin. Complete with mirror on side, gas can at rear, driver, MP with map and MP at radio in rear seat. Standing MP is a Durso figure and just good. Motor works good and it comes with a key. Front and rear plates read on either side; Arnold-2500. Center of plate; J-2500 with U.S. Army 1953 at bottom. Jeep and 4 Figures. 7 cm. Made about 1953. Figures Very Good. Jeep Excellent. $100 - $200 $200
3169 Elastolin Porcelain Head Hitler Raincoat - A very scarce figure only offered in the last Hausser catalog of 1939-40. Hint of a thin partial crack across part of waist which is not very noticeable. Excellent paint quality and a pristine porcelain head with no wear and an excellent likeness. 1 Piece. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1939-40. Excellent. $200 - $300 $120
3170 Lineol 2 SS with Flag and Leibstandarte - Flag with one small scuff to one side with excellent paint and detail. Flag bearer with partial neck crack and excellent face, paint and original armband. The rare Leibstandarte man has no cracks and no apparent wear along with an original armband. 2 Figures.1 Spray Painted Flag. 7.5 cm. Flag Made 1933-36. Rare Leibstandarte ONLY 1935-36. Excellent. $150 - $250 $130
3171 Elastolin 4 SA Schellenbaum Heiling Pack Leader - The heiling and Winter coat figures are both robust and 7.5 cm. Couple of cracks to each with all original armbands, faces and paint. The figure in the peaked, billed hat is a leader. All original with small crack. The Schellenbaum is original as is the man. 4 pieces. 2 7.5 cm. and 2 7 cm. Made 1933-38. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $60
3172 Elastolin 2 Leibstandarte Goosestepping 1 Flag - Some touch-up to hands and face. Uniforms and armbands original. Hardly any wear to the original flag with excellent uniform detail. 2 Figures. 1 Lithographed Flag. 7 cm. made ONLY 1938-40. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $90
3173 Duscha 4 German Combat 1 Brick Pile - Really no wear with couple of minor cracks. The figures are made of a resin that is reinforced with wire. Excellent paint quality and German equipment detail. Maker of brick rubble heap unknown. 5 Pieces. 7 cm. Post War about 25 years old. Excellent. $40 - $80 $30
3174 Krock 4 German Combat Radio MG Phone Ammo - Reiner Krock historically accurate weapons/ uniform detail. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 20 years ago. Excellent Plus. $40 - $80 $20
3175 Hausser Postwar 88 1 Luftwaffe with Binoculars - Complete and without wear or damage. Light rust haze to the 2 shafts that secure the caissons to the main body of the cannon. Excellent paint quality (olive green) . 4 rubber tires marked Hausser. Cocks and fires normally. Barrel raises/ lowers. Luftwaffe figure for scale reference. Just good condition. 1 Cannon. 1 Figure. 7 cm. Made Pre War 1939-40. Post War about 1956. In unplayed with Excellent Condition. $250 - $350 $225
3176 Trico Japan Rare 15 cm US 1 Officer 5 Soldiers - Nick to back of officer's hat. Few other very minor nicks to paint. Paint quality is like new with no apparent wear. Faces and uniform detail excellent. 5 3/4 inches tall. According to O'Brien these were offered in 1934 and in US. 6 Pieces. 15 cm. Made Pre War about 1934-40. Excellent. $60 - $120 $50
3177 Trico Japan Rare 13 cm US Flag 2 Officers 1 Mtd - Judging by the rider, the mounted figure is about 10.5 cm size. Nothing wrong with it. Removable sword on side of horse. The other 3 are 14 cm. Nothing wrong with any of them. Flag detail and painting is really excellent. A rare group in this fine condition. 4 Figures. 1 Horse. Made prewar about 1934-40. Excellent Plus. $60 - $120 $35
3178 Rarity Kibri Braunes Haus Lineol SA Attention - Kibri's famous model of Munich's Braunes Haus. Base measures 18 inches x 8 inches. House itself is 11 1/2 inches x 4 inches and 9 1/2 inches high. Tin is all original and the color is excellent with no wear. Roof lifts off and inside is a bulb fitting and wires. Light not tested. Fence around house is complete. Hausser flag is original. Some tearing to newspaper in window. Some paint chips/wear to flagpole. SA man by Lineol has no cracks and excellent paint. House and 1 Figure. 7.5 cm. Made about 1933-36. Rare and Excellent. $700 - $900 $450
3179 Lineol 3 German in Gas Masks Fog Vat - Soldier at fog vat has an arm crack and excellent paint. Some rust to vat. 2 Charging with rifles have couple of cracks and good paint. Smaller soldier with bad leg crack is 6.5 cm. 3 Pieces. 2 7.5 cm and 1 6.5 cm. Made 26-37. Fog Vat only 1936-39. Very Good. $40 - $80 $35
3180 Elastolin Duro Krock 3 Mounted German Soldiers - Reiner Krock German cavalry is like new, about 20 years old. Elastolin with rifle on back has one small crack and excellent paint. Same for horse. Duro rider is molded into the horse. Nice detail to rifle and pack with some touch-up to legs of horse. 3 Horses. 2 Riders. 7.5 cm. Made about 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $25
3181 Kiwa Communications Bunker 5 German Soldiers - The German Co. Kienel used the logo KIWA for their bunkers. Few minor cracks. All original with excellent color/ detail. 11 inches x 9 inches. Note side and back walls painted white. Winter. 5 soldiers. 3 Lineol and 2 Elastolin all good to very good. Note the small 6.5 figure with monacle is General von Seeckt by Lineol. Made 1925-32. 1 Bunker. 5 Figures. 7 cm and 7.5 cm. Made about 1933-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $120 $180
3182 Elastolin Rare 4 Long Stride German Soldiers Flag - Late additions to last catalog-1939-40. Couple of minor cracks with excellent paint. Officer with couple of spots of touch-up to front of coat which looks normal. Lithographed flag with hardly any wear. 4 pieces.1 Flag. 7 cm. Made ONLY 1939-40. Flag bearer ONLY 1940. Rare and Excellent. $150 - $250 $80
3183 Lineol 3 Luftwaffe Flieger Flag Officer Soldier - A great looking flag with excellent paint. Couple of small cracks and some small spots of touch-up which look normal. All 3 men with the yellow collar insignia of the flight branch of the Luftwaffe. 3 Figures. 1 Flag. 7.5 cm. Flag made 1936-39. Figures 1935-39. Excellent. $80 - $160 $80
3184 Lineol Goering Luftwaffe Unifom 1 LW General - This early Goering in DLV uniform (Deutsch Luft Verband) predates Luftwwaffe. Note figure has a political gray base. Couple of short thin partial cracks with no apparent wear. All original paint and great uniform detail. The Luftwaffe general with an original dagger has a couple of cracks and light wear. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. Goering made ONLY 1933-35. General 1936-39. Excellent. $120 - $220 $45
3185 Lineol HJ Flag Leader Elastolin 1 Jung Volk - The very scarce Jung Volk by Elastolin has a foot crack and some light wear. All original paint and armband. Note the soft hat with the black band. The Lineol Hitler Jugend leader has a thin partial neck crack and hardly any wear. The spray painted flag has 2 small spots of touch-up with the center all original. The flag bearer has no cracks and hardly any wear. 3 Figures.1 Flag. 7.5 cm Lineol Made ONLY 1933-36. Elastolin about 1935-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $190
3186 TIPPCO Mercedes Fuhrer's Wagon with 3 Figures - All original with no parts missing.6 Mercedes hub caps and hood ornament. Scratches to left front and right rear fenders. Paint quality is excellent. Motor works and it comes with a key. The 3 sitting SS figures are Post War and excellent. License plate reads; 11A-19357. Car and 3 Figures and Key. About 6.5 cm. Made from 1934-42. Very Good to Excellent. $700 - $900 $1,400
3187 Elastolin Scarce Seated Hitler Movable Arm - Split to left arm with some touch-up to part of left shoulder and a restored armband. Face and paint quality very good. The movable arm, though a little loose, will hold a salute. 1 Piece. A smaller sized figure about 6.5 cm. Made from 1933-38 but still somewhat scarce. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $50
3188 Lineol 1 Tent 3 SA Nurses 1 Elastolin Wounded - Small tent- 4 inches tall-has original Lineol Red cross flag and just some light wear. Elastolin wounded on side has some touch-up with very good face. The 3 Lineol SA nurses are overall excellent. The kneeling nurse has touched up face/ hands. The cross with helmet is Post War and new made. 6 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Nurses made from 1933-36. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $60
3189 Lineol 4 Medical on Canes Nurse 2 Dual Figures - Wounded on canes has no cracks or apparent wear! The other 3 figures are 6.5 cm. The were made 1928-39 and sold with the newer 7.5 cm figures. They have no cracks with face of wounded on keg touched up. Rest with excellent paint and hardly any wear. 4 Pieces. On canes made 1934-39. Excellent. $60 - $100 $45
3190 Elastolin 3 Luftwaffe Gen with AA Gun with Shell - Shell stack group is a Krock piece. Post War with no wear. General with coat lapels touched up. Figures have few minor cracks and some light wear. 4 Pieces. 7 cm. Figures made about 1936-40. Very Good. $40 - $80 $25
3191 Hausser Krupp Luftwaffe Truck with Searchlight - Driver and rider with few cracks and some general wear. Late version truck has no lights. Wires for light not attached. Some light wear to tin but subtle gray camo very good. Lens and bulb for light intact. Motor works good and it comes with a key. Original spools, standard and it has the red turn signals by cab. 1 Truck. 2 Figures. 7 cm. Made ONLY 1940. Very Good. $300 - $500 $250
3192 Lineol Gray Supply Wagon 1 Soldier - Tin wagon is excellent has no scratches and excellent grassy/ gray brown camouflage. Horse with light wear. 2 Chains on sides missing. No cloth. Wagon loaded with 6 plastic kegs and 7 metal milk cans. Soldier is postwar and excellent.1 Wagon. 2 Horses. 1 Soldier. 13 assorted cans/ kegs. 7.5 cm. Made about 1934-40. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $200 $80
3193 Marklin AA Gun with 1 Elastolin Soldier - Typical Marklin camouflage with what appears to be a slight gloss coat. Gun can be rotated around base and the barrel raised/ lowered. Heavy cast metal. Elastolin soldier with neck crack and some light wear. 2 pieces. 7 cm. Gun made about 1934-39. Soldier 1937-40. Very Good. $300 - $400 $450
3194 Marklin SPUR O Flat Car with Searchlight - Car length is 16.5 cm. about 6 1/2 inches. Excellent paint with no wear. All fittings present and glass cover in light is complete with bulb. 1 Piece. O Gauge. Made about 1934-39. Shown in 1938-39 catalog. Excellent. $80 - $160 $180

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