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Past Auction Details

The Betty Wheeler Collection -- Auction 33-- June 16th, 17th & 18th, 2017

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Image Lot Description Estimate (USD) Price Realized
3195 Marklin SPUR O Flat Car with AA Gun - Car length is 31 cm. about 12 inches. Excellent paint with no scratches. Original Marklin camouflage on AA gun. It cocks and fires normally. All fittings/ wheels intact. 1 piece. O Gauge. Made about 1934-37. Excellent. $120 - $220 $120
3196 Marklin SPUR O Flat Car with Searchlight - Car length is 31 cm about 12 inches. Excellent paint with no scratches. Original Marklin camouflage on searchlight. Glass cover ok but bulb is missing. All fittings/ wheels intact. 1 Piece. O Gauge. Made about 1934-37. Excellent. $120 - $220 $80
3197 Postwar Gama Tank Rubber Treads with Key - Gama M-12 Post War tank with motor. Tank runs well and it comes with a key. Tin lithographed body is intact with some light wear. Little machine gun missing the flint. Rubber treads both in good condition. 1 Piece. About 7 cm. Made Post War 1955-60. Very Good. $40 - $80 $60
3198 Post War Elastolin Plastic 10 1939 Wehrmacht - All like new with no wear/ damage. Soldiers with rifles have no pack on back. Flag is plastic with no symbols. 10 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1977-79. Excellent Plus. $40 - $80 $40
3199 Post War Elastolin Plastic 8 1939 Wehrmacht - All like new with no wear/ damage. Soldiers with rifles have packs on back. Flag is plastic. Officer saluting on horse is removable. 8 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1977-79. Excellent Plus. $40 - $80 $30
3200 Postwar Elastolin Plastic 9 1939 Wehrmacht - All like new with no wear/ damage. 6 Soldiers marching have packs on back. Officer with sword on horse is removable. 9 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1977-79. Excellent Plus. $40 - $80 $30
3201 Lineol Swiss Weather Coat on Motorcycle - Cracks to neck, rifle and waist. Driver is a 2 piece mold joined at the waist. Some wear to cycle and wheels which move freely. Driver wears a Swiss style helmet. 1 Piece. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1938-39. Very Good. $60 - $120 $50
3202 German Nashorn (Rhino) Tank Hunter with 88 - Model made postwar by East German Officer. The Nashorn, Rhino in English, was a late addition 1943-44 in WWII and was equipped with an 88 gun. A self propelled Tank Hunter. About 10 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 lbs. Several moving parts/hatches. Treads are plastic and both have been stapled. 1 piece. Compatible with 7.5 cm figures. Made about 25 years ago. Excellent. $120 - $220 $60
3203 Duscha 4 German Soldiers Combat - No wear or cracks. Excellent paint quality and uniform/ weapon detail. All with the Lineol logo. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 25 years ago. Excellent Plus. $40 - $80 $15
3204 Kibri Toilet Trash Can Krock Lineol 2 Civilians - Kibri logo under the toilet base. No damage and excellent color for toilet, trash can and RR sign. Krock woman in coat like new. Lineol gent has ankle cracks and hardly any wear. 5 pieces. 7 cm. Tin pieces and man Pre War. Krock Post War. Excellent. $60 - $120 $120
3205 Lineol Goering SA Uniform Heiliing ONLY 1934-35 - Couple of thin partial cracks along with some light wear. Excellent face, paint quality and first class uniform detail. All original.1 Piece. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1934-35. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $40
3206 Rarity DUX Junkers Ju-87 STUKA Dive Bomber - Made Pre War by Markes and Co (DUX) in Germany. Hardly any wear with subtle green splinter camo on top surface with pale blue undersides, white nacelle and Celluloid canopy. Black rubber wheels have wear. Antenna probably replaced. Flaps, ailerons, rudder and elevators all adjustable. Swastikas on tail, Balkan Crosses on wings/ fuselage. Company logo, a dove in a circle, embossed just in front of cockpit on either side. DUX, the trademark, embossed 3 times on prop hub and under each wing. Wing span 12 inches. Fuselage length 9inches. 1/48 the scale. 1 Piece. Made ONLY 1940-41. Rare and Excellent. $450 - $650 $350
3207 Lineol Lithographed Standard SA Man - Rare to see a Lineol lithographed standard. Note that the eagle at top is the normal full bodied mold. Nothing wrong with the standard and all original. Figure has a thin partial neck crack with hardly any wear. Excellent face, paint quality and an original armband. 1 Figure. 1 Party Standard. 7.5 cm. Made only 1933-36. Excellent. $180 - $280 $275
3208 Lineol SA and SS Men at Attention 2 Figures - SA figure has face and hands touched up. There is a thin neck crack and very good original paint and armband. SS at attention has thin partial neck crack and excellent face, paint and original armband. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made only 1933-36. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $180
3209 Lineol Rarity SA with Collection Can All Original - Thin partial neck crack with little glue spot on back part of this area. Partial crack to back by waist along with some light wear. Excellent face, paint quality and an original armband. Gently shake the figure, hear the coin rattle in the can! 1 Piece. 7.5 cm. Rare and Made ONLY 1934-36. Very Good to Excellent. $450 - $650 $475
3210 Lineol SA Hitler Army Pants at Elastolin Podium - Very Scarce. Rare to see this Hitler figure in German army green pants and not the usual SA brown. Thin partial neck and leg cracks with some touch-up to top of right arm. Very good face, paint and an original armband. Movable arm a little loose but holds a salute. Podium with some wear, but complete. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1933-38. Very Good. $80 - $160 $70
3211 Elastolin SA 1 Att. with Flag 1 Fanfare Trumpet - SS with fanfare trumpet has a neck crack and thin leg split. Face, paint quality and trumpet are all excellent. Little flag on trumpet is metal and all original. At attention with small flag has leg split and light wear. Small flag is a Krock product. 2 Figures. 1 Flag. 7 cm. Fanfare made ONLY 1935. Attention 1934-39. Very Good. $80 - $160 $70
3212 Elastolin Red/ White Staff Standard At Attention - The very scarce tin lithographed standard has a few small marks with excellent color and sharp litho design. Figure has split at back of head. Remainder of figure has excellent face, paint quality and an original armband. 1 Figure.1 Standard. 7.5 cm. made from 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $300
3213 Lineol 3 SA Men 1 with 2 Stars 1 with Pack - Face and hands of 3 figures show some signs of touch-up. Few small cracks with just some light wear. Paint quality and armbands excellent. Collar of one man appears to have 2 silver stars. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made only 1933-36. Very Good. $80 - $160 $50
3214 Lineol Krupp truck 3 Axles Gray Version - Almost 10 inches long.8 Rubber tires all marked Lineol. Subtle gray camouflage. Tin with excellent color and no damage. Both boards on either side along with shovel on back. Lights not tested. Motor does not work. Cloth top is new made and not original. Driver and officer with map are Elastolin and excellent.1 Truck. 2 Figures. 7.5 cm. ONLY offered in gray 1939. Very Good. $450 - $650 $300
3215 Lineol Elastolin Mortar Shells 3 German Combat - Shell stack and soldier kneel with rifle both Elastolin. Chip in rifle and general wear to shells. Mortar with nice color and complete sight but chip off front of base. Machine gun and soldier charging both with cracks and small part missing. 5 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1934-40. Fair to Good. $20 - $40 $20
3216 Elastolin Signal Corps Cable Roll Ammo Boxes - Dual figure with cable and phone has general wear and is just good. Cable roll and 2 soldiers excellent with thin crack and excellent paint. 2 with ammo cans have splits with excellent paint. Soldier with shovel and rope is very good. 7 Pieces. 7 cm. Cable and men made 1933-36. Others 1935-40. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $70
3217 Arnold Large Mortar Lineol Soldier with Shell - The tin base of the mortar is lithographed and is 6 1/2 inches by 3 inches. Words on side : Kaliber 42 and Krupp. Barrel is 7 inches long. Diam 1 1/2 inches. Has simple pull release mechanism to shoot shells. Spring still strong. Base is very good with good color. Barrel shows wear with scratches. Soldier with cracks and general wear. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 1934-39. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $110
3218 Lineol Rubble 3 Wounded Germans 2 Explosions - Rubble heap with some wear and good color. Both explosions ( 1 is Elastolin ) with excellent paint. Soldier on stomach very good. He's Swedish. Soldier on back with rifle is excellent. It's a Kienel piece. Soldier with rifle and no helmet is excellent. 6 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $40
3219 Scarce Lineol Ambulance Rubber Tires Lights - Hardly any wear. All doors open and close, motor works(comes with key) and the headlights WORK. Comes with correct battery. All 4 rubber tires with Lineol logo. It looks like the 2 headlights have been touched up. Driver with steering wheel and medic are 6.5 cm. Both very good. Both wounded on stretchers are 7.5 cm and very good. 1 Ambulance. 4 Figures. Battery and Key. Ambulance made ONLY 1938-40. Figures 1928-39. In this condition Very Scarce. Very Good Excellent. $1500 - $2500 $1,900
3220 Elastolin 2 Red Cross Nurses Lineol Med Dog - Both nurses with few minor cracks and light wear. Dog with partial leg cracks and hardly any wear. 3 Pieces. 7 cm. Red Cross figures to include nurses ONLY made 1939-40 by Elastolin. Dog made 1934-39. Very Good. $40 - $80 $35
3221 Lineol Kriegesmarine 4 German Navy - Admiral in blue with no cracks or apparent wear with a first class uniform painting. 2 Sailors with rifle have no cracks and hardly any wear. Officer in white looks very good but has been mostly touched up. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. All made 1935-39. Officer in white Good. Rest are Excellent. $60 - $120 $90
3222 Elastolin Hindenburg Hdqtr. Standard Officer - The scarce Army lithographed standard has a few small scratches with good color. Bearer and officer with couple of small cracks and some light wear. Hindenburg with no cracks and just some light wear. Face, paint quality and uniform all excellent. 3 pieces. Hindenburg 7 cm and other 2 are 7.5 cm. Hindenburg made 1931-38. Standard 1936-40. Officer ONLY 1939-40. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $50
3223 Elastolin Traditional Flag Krock Off. Goosestep - The lithographed traditional flag has no wear with great color and detail. Flag bearer with thin boot crack and hardly any wear. Krock figure with usual excellent painting and detail. It's like new. 2 Figures. 1 Traditional Flag. 7 cm. Krock postwar and about 20 years old. The scarce flag only made 1935-37. Excellent Plus. $80 - $160 $90
3224 Tippco Small Kubelwagen Clockwork 2 Soldiers - Few scratches with couple of minor dents. Subtle green lithographed color remains very good. Intact with no parts missing. Motor works and it comes with a key. Both figures just good. 1 Vehicle. 2 Figures. About 6.5cm. Made 1934-39. Very Good. $80 - $160 $80
3225 Lineol 1 Traditional Dragoon Flag 2 with Rifles - Spray painted Dragoon flag with no chips and excellent color. Flag bearer with no cracks or apparent wear. Officer and with rifle have only a couple of minor spider type cracks and excellent paint. 3 Figures.1 Traditional Flag. 7.5 cm. Flag offered ONLY 1935-37. Figures 1934-39. Excellent. $120 - $180 $70
3226 Elastolin Draped Reichskriegs Flag 1 Add A Pack - Very scarce draped lithographed flag with few very minor scratches and excellent color/ detail. Figure with nick to helmet and a crack. Excellent face and paint. The marching soldier has a removable pack on back. Pack with small wire that goes into hole in back. Figure in just good condition. 2 Pieces. 7 cm. Flag ONLY 1936. Removable pack ONLY 1939-40. Very Good. $80 - $160 $40
3227 Hausser Supply Truck Tarp Motor - The truck has an excellent appearance. No dents and like new paint/ tires. All 6 rubber tires with the Hausser logo. However, it has been professionally repainted. In all respects it looks like the original camo paint. Motor works good and it comes with a key. Lights not tested. 1 piece. 7 cm. Made only 1937-40. Good to Very Good. $200 - $400 $250
3228 Lineol Traditional Flag Cuirassier March - The scarce spray painted Dragoon (Cuirassier-Heavy Cavalry) traditional flag has no chips or apparent wear. Flag bearer has no cracks or apparent wear. Soldier with rifle has small partial crack to rifle barrel with no apparent wear. 2 Figures.1 Flag. 7.5 cm. Flag made ONLY 1935-37. Soldier with rifle ONLY 1938-39. Excellent Plus. $120 - $180 $100
3229 Elastolin 3 Tier Schellenbaum 1 Soldier with Rifle - Schellenbaum (Jingling Johnny) is all original with minor crack on back side at top. Excellent color and detail. Soldier carrying has leg cracks and just some light wear. Face and paint quality are very good. The scarce long stride soldier has quite a bit of touch-up but looks ok. 2 Figures. 1 Schellebaum. 7 cm. Schellenbaum made only 1934-36. Soldier with rifle only 1939-40. Very Good. $120 - $180 $90
3230 Elastolin 3 Germans Goosestepping 1 with Flag - The tin lithographed flag has hardly any wear and sharp detail. One helmet with a nick and a couple of very minor partial cracks. Faces and paint quality all excellent. 3 pieces. 1 Flag. 7.5 cm. Flag bearer made 1937-40. Officer and Soldier 1936-40. Excellent. $120 - $180 $100
3231 Durso Belgium Medical Wounded Nurses - Hardly any cracks with general wear. Some touch-up to a couple of the figures but they look ok. Overall faces and paint quality very good. 6 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made Pre War about 1938-40. Good to Very Good. $40 - $80 $45
3232 Elastolin Reichswehr German Band 11 Figures - No cracks but paint loss/ wear mostly to helmets and boots. Very good faces, paint quality and instrument detail. Uniforms have the red cuffs of the Reichswehr Army. Band leader plus 8 different instruments. 11 Pieces. 6.5 cm (each figure about 2 1/2 inches tall from bottom of base to top of helmet.). Made about 1928-32. Very Good. $40 - $80 $25
3233 Lineol Elastolin US English Wounded Combat - Fair sized cracks to soldiers falling shot. Wounded on stretcher fair. Clubbing, on cane and lying wounded all very good. 6 Pieces. 6.5 cm and 7 cm. Made about 1928-39. Fair to Good. $20 - $40 $15
3234 Asta Searchlight Elastolin 1 with MG 1 - Searchlight frame has very little wear and the lens is intact. Asta logo on side. 2 soldiers have a couple of small cracks and just some light wear. 3 pieces. 7 cm. Asta piece would be about 54mm. Made Pre War 1936-40. Very Good. $20 - $40 $80
3235 Durso Kienel 4 German Soldiers Combat - Couple of small cracks and just some light wear for the 4 figures. Very good faces and paint quality. 4 pieces. 7 cm. Made about 1935-40. Very Good. $20 - $40 $15
3236 Lineol Durso AA Gun Soldier with Binoculars - Cannon is part of lineol 88. Still rotates around base but will not cock and fire. Subtle gray/ green paint with light wear. Durso German soldier with no cracks and good paint. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. made about 1938-40. Good to Very Good. $20 - $40 $60
3237 Mebanol Half Track with Lights 10 Soldiers - Like new paint and cloth top. Treads are metal. Has 8 rifles and 4 chains by back seating areas. Panels open at sides and back. Battery installed and headlights and tail lights work. No motor installed. Missing 1 standard. 12 inches long and 4 inches wide. Solid construction. Weighs about 4 lbs.1 Vehicle. 10 Figures. 6.5 cm. Made about 25 years ago. $350 - $450 $225
3238 Hausser Field Kitchen Rubber Tires 2 Soldiers - Late version field kitchen with rubber tires marked Hausser. Has chimney that stows along with 1 panel that opens on top (drained by faucet at bottom) and four others that open to the rear. Excellent paint and tin that shows hardly any wear. Comes with 2 new made figures. Will seat 3. 1 Kitchen. 2 Figures. 7 cm. Made only 1937-39. Excellent. $150 - $250 $70
3239 Lineol Camouflaged Officer's Tent with 3 Soldiers - Couple of rather small holes front right with excellent color with no fading. Original Lineol logo sticker under the base. 10 inches x 5 inches and 5 inches tall at the middle. Elastolin honor guard with couple of cracks and light wear. 2 German generals by R. Krock. Like new with usual excellent paint and uniform detail. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Krock figures about 20 years old. Tent made only 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $50
3240 Lineol Hitler Army Uniform with Movable Arm - Really nothing wrong with the figure. Excellent face, paint quality and uniform detail. German army eagle on left sleeve. Movable arm works normally. 1 Piece. 7.5 cm. Made only 1936-39. All original. Excellent Plus. $80 - $160 $50
3241 Elastolin Krock Solder at Typewriter 1 General - Couple of little cracks to typist with an excellent face and paint quality. Figure is same as driver. This one in a field cap. Chair replaces normal block of wood. Table and typewriter original and excellent. The Krock general is like new. 4 pieces(typewriter glued to table). 7 cm. Krock figure about 20 years old. Elastolin made 1936-40. Excellent. $80 - $160 $45
3242 Karl Bub Large Mortar Remote Battery Fired - Elastolin soldier added for scale reference. Mortar 10 1/2 inches long. 5 inches wide at the wheels. Weighs 1 pound and. Some paint loss and rust to shield and barrel. Wheels and back portion are excellent. It appears the complex firing mechanism is complete. Not tested. Barrel can be raised/lowered. Note the tin bracket to hold the battery. Comes with an instruction sheet in German (translated). 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 1932-38. Very Good. $200 - $400 $200
3243 R. Krock Barbed Wire Section 2 German Soldiers - Barbed wire section like new. Ten wooden posts connected by barbed wire. German soldier with guard dog has excellent color and uniform detail. Waffen SS kneeling with Machine gun also like new. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 20 years ago. Excellent Plus. $60 - $120 $30
3244 Elastolin General Soldier with Schellenbaum - General has some touch-up to face with excellent paint quality and uniform detail. Schellenbaum is original with couple of chips where tassels join arm. Paint quality is excellent. Soldier carrying has no cracks and hardly any wear. 2 Figures. 1 Schellenbaum. 7 cm. Made 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $120 $35
3245 Lineol Luftwaffe Goering 1 Early Fliegersturm - Goering with a boot crack and some scuffs to the face and one hand. Paint quality and uniform painting is excellent. Note the gray political base. This figure had a political ONLY in 1935. The early Fliegersturm or DLV figure has a short, thin neck crack and no apparent wear. Face, paint and uniform all excellent. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Goering made ONLY 1935. DLV made 1933-36. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $45
3246 Elastolin 1 Blomberg 1 German Traditional Flag - Partial leg and neck cracks with touch-up to each arm and helmet to Blomberg. These areas look normal to the eye. Excellent face and uniform/Marshall's baton detail. The early traditional flag is spray painted as Hausser went to lithographed flags about 1935. it has excellent color and a small chip. Soldier has boot cracks and some light wear. 2 Figures.1 Flag. 7 cm. Blomberg made 1936-40. Flag ONLY 1935. Very Good. $60 - $120 $35
3247 Elastolin Rare Reichkriegsfahne 3 Soldiers - The flag, often seen on a Stahlhelmbund figure, has a couple of nicks but retains the eagle in center and Balken crosses. Flag bearer just good. Man in leave uniform and other in Winter coat with few cracks and some general wear. 3 Figures. 1 Flag. 7 cm. The rare Flag made ONLY 1933-34. Figures 1934-40. Very Good. $80 - $160 $50
3248 Hausser Ambulance ONLY 1938-40 Rubber Tires - Some minor paint chips to top of roof on each side. Late version Hausser camouflage has excellent quality. All windows present as well as both Red Cross pennants on each fender. The motor works and it comes with a key. Has German army driver and a Krock Waffen SS for passenger. A very clean scarce vehicle. All original and excellent. $1500 - $2000 $1,300
3249 Lineol Trench 8 German and 6 US Soldiers All 6.5cm - The Lineol trench has all the posts and wires with very little wear. Designed with place for machine gun in center. Hardly any cracks or wear to figures. Mostly fighting molds with one German General. 15 pieces. Excellent. $150 - $300 $60
3250 Elastolin US Medical Gp Doc. Nurse and Stretcher - Nurse has crack across front of apron. Rest with few minor cracks and hardly any wear. 6 Pieces. Excellent $50 - $100 $100
3251 Czech Made Bunker US 3 Fight 5 Medical - Bunker with nice color and one small hole with little wear. 3 Lineol US soldiers have no wear and are 6.5 cm. Elastolin Stretcher team and 3 wounded are all very good. 8 figures and bunker. 9 Pieces total. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $150 $70
3252 Lineol 6.5 cm 6 US 6 German 6 French 18 Pieces - Few very minor cracks with hardly any wear. Exceptional condition for figures made from 1928-32. 18 pieces. Overall Excellent. $100 - $200 $150
3253 Lineol Horse Drawn Supply Wagon with 2 US Soldiers - No tarp for wagon. Tin has excellent paint with no scratches. Made from 1935-38. Horses have few very minor cracks and excellent paint. The 2 US soldiers have couple of minor cracks with excellent paint. They are the late version by Lineol made 1937-39. Overall Excellent. $150 - $250 $110
3254 Lineol Motorcycle Tin Wheels US Soldiers with Flag - The US flag is excellent and the figure has hardly any wear. It is 6.5 cm. made from 1928-32. The tin cycle with the movable wheels has no apparent wear. Thin waist crack for driver and small leg crack for rider with hardly any wear for both figures. Motorcycle made from 1934-39. 2 pieces. Condition Excellent. $150 - $250 $200
3255 Elastolin 5 US Combat 2 MG Ammo 2 Firing - Standing rifleman is a Duro piece. Excellent paint and detail. 5 pieces. Overall excellent. $50 - $100 $60
3256 Lineol 8 6.5 cm German Soldiers 7 with Rifles - Can't see any cracks and there's no apparent wear. Lineol 6.5 cm figures made from 1928-32. 8 pieces. Condition Excellent. $50 - $100 $45
3257 Czech Made Bunker and 8 US Soldiers 6.5 cm - No wear or damage to bunker with excellent paint quality and complete wires/ posts. It is a Post War product. The 8 US soldiers are right out of the store. All 6.5 cm made from 1928-32. 9 pieces. Overall Excellent. $100 - $150 $120
3258 Transogram Sniper Tower 3 US 6.5 cm Soldiers - Original Transogram logo sticker still on base. Stands 10 inches tall. Shows wear but appears complete. Made in New York indicates a Pre War product. Compatible with Composition figures. The 3 Lineol 6.5 cm US soldiers have hardly any wear. 4 pieces. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $50 - $100 $80
3259 Elastolin 6 US Soldiers Combat Figures - Few minor cracks with hardly any wear. Excellent faces, paint quality and equipment detail. 6 pieces. Condition Excellent. $50 - $100 $80
3260 Hausser 2 Trenches with 10 Lineol German Soldiers - The 2 trenches are a matching set with catalog numbers and a Hausser sticker under the base. #13470-1 and 13470-2. All posts and wires intact with excellent paint and detail. The Lineol soldiers are all 6.5 cm. 8 combat and 1 general and 1 marching. Just a few minor cracks with hardly any wear. 12 pieces. Overall Excellent. $150 - $250 $60
3261 Hausser Scarce Wagon Rubber Tires 2 US Soldiers - Made ONLY 1937-40. Late version Hausser camouflage shows no wear. Tires and cloth top are like new. Back of wagon with spare tire can be opened for loading.2 Elastolin US soldiers with no cracks and hardly any wear. A very scarce late production piece that is right out of the store. Excellent. $250 - $350 $325
3262 Elastolin 5 US Soldiers Mortar MG with Shell - All made from about 1933-40. Few very minor cracks with just some light wear. Excellent details to mortar and machine gun. 5 pieces. Condition Excellent. $50 - $100 $40
3263 Elastolin 6 US Soldiers Combat All Different - Few cracks to flame thrower with a complete flame. Rest of figures have few minor cracks and excellent paint quality. One helmet rim with a notch. 6 pieces. Overall Excellent. $100 - $150 $50
3264 3 Czech Trenches 15 Lineol US and French Soldiers - 3 Trench pieces are excellent with hardly any wear. Postwar made. Center section is 12 inches across and about 7 inches deep with dugout center for cover. End sections are 7 inches across the front and taper to 3 inches at the back. The 15 Lineol soldiers are all 6.5 cm. 5 US and 10 French. Made 1928-32. All are in excellent condition. 18 pieces. Overall the group is Excellent. $150 - $250 $60
3265 Elastolin 4 US Signal Corps Soldiers - Lineman on pole is excellent but cross bar missing from top. Officer with binoculars is just good. On phone and reading map are excellent. Soldier with trench scope is actually a Belgium. 5 pieces. Overall Very Good. $50 - $100 $90
3266 Lineol Horse Drawn Limber 2 US Soldiers - Few cracks to horses legs with very good paint quality. All chains present. Tin has no damage and the color is excellent. This is the late version gray/green camouflage only offered by Lineol in 1938-39. Late version US Soldiers are both excellent. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $150 $120
3267 Elastolin 6 US Soldiers Combat Group - Couple of minor cracks with hardly any paint wear. Rough spot to helmet of man with ammo belt. Made from about 1932-36. 6 pieces. Overall Excellent. $100 - $150 $45
3268 Lineol Motorcycle Tin Wheels US Soldiers - Mounted officer has repair to leg with excellent paint. Horse has legs touched-up. Some paint wear to fenders with just a few marks to the metal rotating wheels. Both the driver and rider have excellent faces and paint. They are late version US 1937-39. 2 pieces. Overall Very Good. $100 - $150 $110
3269 Lineol US Flag and 3 Elastolin MG Team 4 Pieces - The Lineol flag bearer is excellent and is a 6.5 cm figure. The 3 Elastolin figures have one small crack and almost no wear. 4 Pieces. Overall excellent. $100 - $150 $50
3270 Hausser Scarce US Motorcycle with Light and Morse - Some wear to fenders and main wheels of cycle. Outside wheel, fenders and spare tire all excellent. Bulb in place, axe on side of morse box, antenna at rear and all wires present. Rifle tip from rider's rifle off. Both driver and rider have excellent faces and paint. ONLY made 1937-39. Very Scarce. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $400 - $700 $550
3271 Lineol US Radio, Antenn, TelePole and Plastic Hill - Plastic hill is postwar and has a few scuffs and holes. US Soldier kneeling at radio has thin neck crack and just some light wear. Telephone pole is complete with just light wear. Both made 1934-39. 3 pieces. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $50 - $100 $40
3272 Lineol 6 6.5 CM Germans and 3 Wire Sections - Soldiers have a few small cracks with one rifle butt missing. Paint quality is excellent. Made 1928-32. 3 wire sections with wood posts and bases are Post War. They are just over 7 inches across and 2 inches high. All are complete with no damage and Post War made. 9 pieces. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $50 - $100 $30
3273 Lineol 5 6.5 cm Germans and 3 Barbwire Sections - The 5 soldiers are all excellent with a couple of small cracks and just some light wear. Soldiers made 1928-32. Barbwire sections are postwar and are 7 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches high. All 3 have complete wires and posts. 8 pieces. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $50 - $100 $25
3274 Lineol 9 6.5 cm French Soldiers and Wire Sections - The 9 Lineol French soldiers are all 6.5 cm. Couple of very small cracks with hardly any wear. Excellent faces and paint quality. The 3 wire sections are complete. Each 7 inches long across and 2 inches high. They are Post War. Soldiers made 1928-32. 12 pieces. Overall Excellent. $50 - $100 $25
3275 Lineol 10 Eng. Soldiers and Molded Trench Sections - The 10 English soldiers are all 6.5 cm. 8 kneeling with rifles and 2 prone with rifles. All are excellent with hardly any wear. Made 1928-32.The largest molded section is 10 inches across, 8 inches deep and about 2 inches high with passages and firing stations. The other 2 are 6 inches across and 8 inches deep. The three sections can be connected for a continuous trench run. All show some wear and a few nicks. Post War made. 13 pieces. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $50 - $100 $35
3276 Elastolin 13 10.5 English Coldstream Guard Band - Just a few small cracks with overall light wear to all figures. There appears to be some damage to the instrument the soldier is holding close to his mouth. The flag has very good detail and is complete without repairs. Instruments are : 3 flutes,1 snare drum, 2 bassoons,1 clarinet, 2 French horns,1 tuba,1 cymbal, etc. All are 10.5 cm. Made from about 1926-32. 13 pieces. Overall Very Good. $100 - $200 $60
3277 Lineol 6 Wheel Reconn with Cannon in Camouflage - 3 Axles with 6 rubber tires marked Lineol. Original antenna. Some wear and few scratches to paint with Balkan Cross and numbers added to each side. Overall very good paint quality. This is the version without lights. Motor works and comes with a key. The turret, however, does not turn back and forth when running. 1 piece. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1937-38. Very Good. $450 - $650 $250
3278 Lineol Hitler Stand in Leather Coat ONLY 1938-39 - Couple of thin ankle cracks with hardly any wear. Excellent face and paint quality. Excellent likeness and coat/ hat detail. 1 Piece. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1938-39. Excellent. $80 - $160 $90
3279 Lineol 2 SA Winter Coats 1 with Rifle - Very scarce political figures. Man in green coat has some touch-up to face and armband. Paint quality very good. Brown winter coat has no cracks and hardly any wear. Face, paint quality and armband all excellent. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made only 1934-36. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $170
3280 Rare Arnold U-29 Submarine with Motor and Key - Couple of small nicks, scratches with excellent lithographed detail/ color. Front of conning tower has Wehrmacht Eagle with Swastika below. Hausser Battle Flag added at back.12 inches long. Motor works and it comes with a key. Rudder assembly missing. 1 piece. Made only 1938-42. Very Good. $250 - $450 $350
3281 Lineol Barbed Wire Roll with 2 German Soldiers - Scarce lineol barbed wire roll is complete and excellent. Duscha guard in Winter coat with binoculars is like new. Elastolin soldier with guard dog has some touch-up to part of right arm. Face, paint quality and dog detail all excellent. 3 pieces. 7.5 cm. Wire made 1934-39. Guard with dog ONLY 1938-40. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $35
3282 Lineol 2 Very Scarce NSKK Hats with Goggles - Couple of thin hairline cracks with hardly any wear. Faces, paint quality and armbands all original and excellent. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY1934-36. Scarce, original and Excellent Plus. $80 - $160 $450
3283 Lineol Trench with Breastworks 2 German Soldiers - Hardly any wear with complete posts and wires. Good color and detail to composition. Both soldiers very good. About 9 inches x 9 inches with 2 angled sides at front and breastworks section back-center. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Soldiers made 1934-39. The scarce bunker 1934-37. Excellent. $80 - $160 $180
3284 Elastolin Germans Charging 1 with Flag - The scarce soldier charging with flag has leg and arm cracks with some light wear. Charging with rifle has 2 splits to legs and light wear. Both figures with very good faces and paint quality. 2 pieces. 7 cm. With rifle made 1933-36. The scarce flag bearer made ONLY 1938-40. Very Good. $60 - $120 $30
3285 Elastiolin 2 Germans Charging Comp Flag Bugler - With flag has touch-up to part of leg and couple of small cracks. Rare to find this all composition, spray painted flag intact and untouched. Blowing bugle with no cracks and some light wear. 2 pieces. 7 cm. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $120 $30
3286 Hausser Protz Truck Towing Tippco Howitzer - Cannon with light wear and good lithographed color. Will not cock and fire. Crank mechanism to raise/ lower barrel works good. Rubber tires intact. Late version truck with no lights has excellent paint with hardly any wear.8 tires marked Hausser. Motor works good and it comes with a key. Planks across top are replcements. No cloth top. 4 Figures all good. Truck and 4 Figures and Key. 7 cm. Truck Made 1939-40. Cannon about 1937-42. Very Good. $250 - $350 $275
3287 Elastolin Morse Radio and Original Ad Poster - Scarce 12 inches x 8 1/2 inches cardboard poster advertises the operation of the toy. Excellent color and printing with just some light edge wear. The 2 man radio unit has just light wear with a complete morse unit and antenna. Metal plate at back with morse code at back. 2 Pieces. 7 cm. Made about 1935-40. Excellent. $120 - $160 $90
3288 Lineol 36/37 Catalog Nurenburg 1934 Book - Original Lineol catalog with just some light edge wear to cover/ back sheets and no markings on pages. Pages numbered 1-40. Nurenburg book with numerous black/ white photos of party rallies. Other 3 pamphlets cover infantry, medical corps and mobile troops with about 16-27 pages. 5 Pieces. Pre War 1934-38. Excellent. $40 - $80 $250
3289 Schuco BMW 327 Cabriolet Convertible - Original vehicle made in Bavaria by BMW from 1935-39. This model has a motor that works good and comes with a key. Hardly any wear and it comes with 3 figures. They are all Post War. Schuco BMW 327 on the base plate under the car. 1 Car. 3 Figures and a Key. 7 cm. made about 20 years ago. Excellent. $250 - $350 $300
3290 Lineol 3 Small Trench Sections All Different - All 3 pieces with hardly any wear and matching color. Corner unit to change direction 90 degrees is 3 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. Unit angled toward back is 7 inches across the front and 4 inches at the back. Last piece has an opening at the back to connect with other units. The 3 soldiers, 2 Elastolin and 1 Lineol are all good to very good. 6 pieces. 7.5 cm. All made from 1933-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $160 $80
3291 Lineol Motorcycle Sidecar with Machine Gun Rider - Removable cap firing machine gun is excellent and can be cocked and fired. Most of the cycle has been touched up to include the driver and rider. Wheels original and turn freely. Overall appearance is that of an original motorcycle. 1 Cycle and Rider and Tin Gun. 7.5 cm. Made from 1934-39. Good to Very Good. $80 - $160 $325
3292 Elastolin Light Field Howitzer 3 Germans 1 with MG - Gun shows moderate wear to paint. It can be cocked and fired and the barrel raised lowered. Complete with no parts missing. Lineol machine gunner and 2 Elastolin figures all show some touch-up with no parts missing. 4 Pieces. 7 cm. Made 1935-40. Good to Very Good. $60 - $100 $35
3293 Duscha 3 English Horse Guard Standing Horses - Horses with like new paint and metal ears. Bases marked Lineol. Each horse a different color. Riders with excellent uniform detail. 3 Horses. 3 Riders. 7.5 cm. Made about 25 years Ago. Excellent. $60 - $100 $20
3294 Elastolin 4 German Soldiers Pails Ammo Dolly - Metal dolly carries a food bag with Kaffee in German on it. Officer and soldiers with pails, ammo cans. All with billed hats. Couple of thin cracks and excellent paint. One area of touch-up to arm of officer. Lineol soldier with dolly is excellent. 6 Pieces. 7 cm. Made from about 1935-40. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $35

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