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Auction Details

How Old Toy Soldier Auctions U.S.A. Works

How Old Toy Soldier U.S.A. Works

Lot # - the item to be sold. Typically we sell 80 lots per hour.

Manufacturer of the lot.

"from" indicates that the lot does not have the exact composition or figure count as listed in the reference books. It may contain more or less figures than originally issued. If "from" is not used, the set is complete.

Condition of Figure applies to paint, refer to chart below. Structural damage and or abnormalities are listed in italics and within parenthesis. Condition of boxes is similary described.

Estimate this is the USD amount that has been assessed by the Old Toy Soldier Auctions appraiser and is based on the desirability, rarity and condition of each lot. This is provided for guidance only. Generally a bid within the estimated range has a 50% chance of winning the lot, a bid of the high estimate 80% and a bid of the low estimate a 20%.

Description of the set including estimated date of production and number of figures.

Name of the set

Set # - the reference number used by the manufacturer.

Conditions of Items

We have spent much time and energy assuring the items are well cataloged and photographed in order to represent them as accurately as possible. The conditions of each item is noted in () in the descriptions.

ROAN = Regiments of All Nation
AOW = Armies of the World

References used for Britians descriptons have been taken in part from Regiments of All Nations and Armies of the World by Joe Wallis.

Condition Grades

MIB Mint in Box
Near Mint(NM)98%
Pristine 97-96%
Exellent (EX)95-90%
Very Good (VG)89-80%
Good (G)79-70%
Fair (F)69-60%
Poor (P)<59%


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