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The Betty Wheeler Collection -- Auction 33-- June 16th, 17th & 18th, 2017

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Image Lot Description Estimate (USD) Price Realized
2253 Colonel Lifesize Uniform of the Coldstream Guards - Complete Colonel's uniform from the Elizabeth II period. Circa 1953. Complete with belts and aiguillette. Condition Excellent. **Additional shipping charge will apply for the mannequin $1500 - $2500 $750
2254 The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Helmet - Manufactured by J. B. Johnstone Military Tailor. London, Circa 1930s with original liner. 1 Piece. Condition Excellent. $200 - $400 $375
2255 Standard of the Grenadier Guards - With pole, stand battle honors, tassels and lion crown finial. Circa 1980. Flag measures 5 ft by 4ft. 3 Pieces. Condition Excellent. **Additional shipping charge will apply $200 - $300 $850
2256 Standard of the 2nd Norwichshire - South Whales Borderer' With pole, stand battle honors, tassels and lion crown finial. Circa 1980. Flag measures 4ft 8in by 3ft. 3 Pieces. Condition Excellent. **Additional shipping charge will apply $200 - $300 $400
2257 Regimental Drum of the Royal Air Force - Manufactured by A.F. Matthews of London and dated 1946. Overall good condition with areas of paint loss and crazing. Nice patina with beautifully hand painted battle honors. Original skin heads intact but worn. Measures 15.5" in diameter and 15.5" tall. $300 - $350 $160
2258 Regimental Drum of the Highland Light Infantry - Manufactured by George Potter & Co., Aldershot England. Maker's plaque attached. Overall very good to excellent condition with a few paint chips to the rim. Bright and shiny paint with colorful battle honors. One newly replaced skin drum head. Measures 15.5" in diameter and 15.5" tall. $400 - $500 $325
3001 Prime Mover by Hellemeister Germany - A professional model of a Hausser prime mover made by master model builder Herr Hellemeister in Germany. Identical to that made by Hausser. 14 inches long and 5 inches wide. Weighs 4 1/2 lbs. Lights work. Rubber tires and tracks. No motor installed. Camouflage cloth top can be extended. Comes with 11 seated figures that are exact copies of those made by Lineol. A superb model. 7.5 cm. About 20 years old. Excellent. $1500 - $2000 $850
3002 Lineol 2 SA with Torch Play Flute - Couple of thin cracks with just light wear. Excellent faces, paint quality and original complete arm bands. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1933-36. Excellent. $80 - $160 $45
3003 Lineol 2 SA Musicians Cymbals Tambour Major - 2 Thin neck cracks with just some light wear and some chips to one arm band.. Excellent faces, paint quality and original arm bands. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1933-36. Excellent. $80 - $160 $40
3004 Lineol Rarity SA Man with Large Standard - Couple of thin partial cracks with just some light wear. Figure with excellent face, paint quality and original arm band. Standard with a little wear to one arm of symbol. Rest is excellent and all original. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1933-36. Excellent. $200 - $300 $100
3005 Lineol 2 SA Fanfare Trumpet Snare Drum - Few thin cracks with some scrapes to face of drummer and paint loss around shoulder of trumpeter. One side of little flag has some paint chips to symbol. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1933-36. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $200 $70
3006 Lineol Scarce SA Standing Kettle Drummer - Thin neck crack with excellent face, paint quality and an original armband. Light paint wear to drums with some paint chips to symbol on one drum. 7.5 cm. Made ONLY 1933-36. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $150 $90
3007 Elastolin Scarce Mounted SA Kettle Drummer - Paint wear to horse with some touch-up to parts of legs. Drums are excellent. Rider has thin neck crack with just light wear. Face, paint quality and an original arm band are excellent. 7.0 cm. Made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $200 $100
3008 Elastolin Scarce 2 Mounted SS One Heiling - Horses with some cracks and paint loss, mostly to legs. Political symbols on horse blankets complete and original. Both riders excellent with original complete armbands. 7 cm. Made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $200 $160
3009 Hausser Ambulance Wagon with 6 Figures - The 6.5 cm wagon has all 3 original cloths and just some light wear. Few cracks with general wear to horses. The 3 piece Lineol stretcher team is excellent. The nurse is just good and the two wagon men are new made figures. Wagon, horses and 6 figures. Wagon made 1928-38. Very Good. $100 - $200 $90
3010 Lineol 7 German Medical Figures - Standing doctor and wounded soldier on log are 7.5 cm. The other figures are 6.5cm. Note they blend together well. Few small cracks with light wear. Leg of wounded is touched-up. 7 Pieces. Made 1928-39. Very Good. $50 - $100 $70
3011 Elastolin Post War 10 Piece Swiss Marching Band - Few small thin cracks with some light wear. Faces, paint quality and instrument detail are all very good. Instruments are band leader, trombone, bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, tuba, tenor horn (small tuba), trumpet, French horn and clarinet. 7 cm. 10 pieces. Made from about 1954-66. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $150 $40
3012 Lineol/ Elastolin German Kriegesmarine 6 Pieces - The Lineol sailor and flag are excellent. The 2 sailors in white with rifles are new made and excellent. The Elastolin fanfare trumpet is rough but the little flag is original and very good. The 2 band leders have a couple of cracks but are both very good. Lineol flag made ONLY 1937-39. Elastolin pieces made 1935-39. 6 Pieces. Overall Very Good. $150 - $250 $60
3013 Tippco Half-Track with 9 Soldiers and Key - An excellent example of Tipp's famous half-track. No damage and excellent lithographed body. Metal treads and the front wheels are adjustable. All the fine printing along the sides is still there. The 9 seated soldiers are all excellent with no cracks and no apparent wear. Comes with a key and the motor runs well. Catalog #217. Made from 1937-42. $400 - $700 $425
3014 9 Post War Resin Leibstandarte Goosestepping - The flag is an original Hausser Battle flag and this figure is marching, not goosestepping. The other 8 goosestepping figures are like new with no wear/ damage. 7.5 cm. About 15-20 years old. Excellent. $150 - $250 $100
3015 Hitler SA Uniform Movable Arm and Podium - Podium has hardly any wear with excellent paint. Hitler has no cracks with hardly any wear. Face, paint quality, arm band and movable arm all excellent. Hitler made from 1934-38. Podium 1933-38. 2 pieces. All original and Excellent. $150 - $250 $90
3016 Very Scarce Hess SS Uniform and Movable Arm - No cracks with just some light wear which is mostly to the base. Excellent face, paint quality and armband. The movable arm works normally. Made from 1934-39. Just ELASTOLIN under the base indicates an early figure. Excellent. $200 - $300 $375
3017 7 Post War Resin German Political Army Figures - Excellent detail to uniforms with no apparent wear. The SA Goering figure has a movable arm. The Lineol copies include 2 Goerings, Blomberg, the map table group General and a SA in Winter coat. The Elastolin copy is Blomberg. The other copy, which looks like a Durso, is a Luftwaffe figure. About 20 years old. 7 Pieces. Excellent. $50 - $100 $45
3018 Gescha Heavy Mortar and Elastolin US with Shell - Gescha heavy mortar is like Hausser mortar. Nothing wrong with it. Pull lever back on left side to turn wheel to adjust barrel elevation. Cocks and fires normally. Will fire caps. Post War production. Elastolin US soldier with shell and cases couple of small cracks with just some light wear. 2 Pieces. Elastolin made 1937-40. Excellent. $100 - $200 $60
3019 Elastolin 2 US Signal Corps Linemen - 1 pole missing x-bar. Both linemen have complete boots with hooks and wire coils by waist. All 3 figures have excellent faces, paint quality and equipment detail. 3 Pieces. Poles with linemen made from 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $200 $90
3020 Hausser Kubelwagen and Lineol Mobile Kitchen - Late version Hausser Kubelwagen has motor but no lights. Motor works good and it comes with a key. Just some light wear with a nice subtle gray camouflage finish.4 original Elastolin figures are: driver, soldier and 2 officers. Saluting and reading map. Late model Lineol kitchen in gray only made 1938-39. Excellent finish and all doors present and work. Chimney ok. Both inserts still present. Car, Kitchen and 4 figures. Car made 1938-40. Excellent. $400 - $600 $400
3021 Lineol 7 German Soldiers and 3 Explosions - The 3 explosions have no cracks but general wear. The 3 standing riflemen have some cracks and wear. The 2 charging are very good. The other 2 have no cracks or apparent wear and are excellent.. The soldier kneeling with rifle shoots caps. Pull the lever back, the cap fires and smoke comes out the hollow barrel. ONLY made 1937-39. The others made 1934-39. 10 Pieces. Overall Very Good. $80 - $160 $40
3022 Postwar Duscha 9 Standing Panzer Band - Made from a resin material and about the same weight as Lineol figures. Blurred Lineol logo under the base. Faces same as Lineol. Very end of clarinet is missing. All the other figures have no wear. Excellent faces, paint quality and Panzer uniform/instrument detail. A good looking group for any parade scene. 9 Pieces. Made about 20 years ago. Excellent. $100 - $150 $50
3023 Hausser Motorcycle Sidecar with MG US Soldiers - Couple of splits to rider. Very good paint for driver and rider. Cycle is excellent with nice paint and clean movable wheels. The removable gun is excellent and cocks and fires normally. Made from 1935-39. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $325
3024 Elastolin 2 Charging Horses with US Soldiers - Bugler with neck and helmet cracks. Rider with boot crack. Both have excellent faces and paint quality. Horses with couple of leg cracks and excellent paint. Horses made early but riders made about 1937-40. 2 Pieces with riders removable. Very Good. $80 - $120 $25
3025 Lineol 2 Mounted US Officers - Light brown horse with couple of short thin leg cracks and short split to base. Both horses with excellent paint and the dark brown horse is pristine. Both riders with no cracks or apparent wear. Late paint version for US soldiers ONLY 1937-39. 2 pieces. Riders removable. Excellent Plus. $100 - $180 $90
3026 Lineol US Motorcycle with Officer in Sidecar - Both rider and driver with excellent faces and paint. Front part of fender for sidecar has some paint loss. Remainder of cycle has excellent paint quality and detail. Made from 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $220 - $320 $375
3027 Lineol Charging Horses 2 Captains US and German - US rider has neck and leg cracks with hardly any wear. German rider is pristine. Really excellent pair of horses with couple of very minor cracks with like new paint. Made from 1933-39. 2 Pieces. Riders removable. Excellent. $80 - $160 $35
3028 Lineol US Motorcycle with Machine Gun on Sidecar - No cracks and hardly any wear to rider or driver. Excellent faces and paint quality. Late paint version of US soldiers by Lineol only 1937-39.Very clean machine. Light wear to black frame with clean wheels. No apparent wear to gun and it cocks and fires normally. Made 1934-39. Excellent plus. $250 - $350 $300
3029 Lineol German Marching Band Flag and Schellenbaum - Top part of Schellenbaum has wing of eagle missing. Flag, which is Hausser, shows wear. One cymbal missing. Figure with French horn is Froha. Rest of bandsmen have some cracks and general wear. They vary from good to very good condition. Made from 1934-39. Schellenbaum ONLY 1937-39. 11 Pieces. Good to Very Good. $80 - $160 $70
3030 Elastolin At Attention 2 Leibstandarte and 1 SS - 3 rare political figures. Base of Leibstandarte with rifle is warped at the side. It stands normally. No cracks for the 3 figures with excellent faces, paint quality and original armbands. SS figure made from 1934-40. The 2 Leibstandarte figure were ONLY made 1939-40. 3 Pieces. Excellent. $300 - $400 $140
3031 Elastolin SS Attention with Composition Blood Flag - There is a chip from the back part of the base that is about 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch. The figure stands normally. Crack with some composition loss at the very top of the flag at the rounded part. Excellent face, paint quality, an original armband with couple of small chips from flag. Overall it's an impressive rare political figure. Made from 1934-39 though the ELASTOLIN only logo under the base indicates an early figure. Very Good. $250 - $350 $130
3032 Elastolin Rare 5 Goosestepping Leibstandarte - 5 Rare Leibstandarte figures made ONLY 1938-40. Couple of small cracks with just some light wear. Very good faces, paint quality and all original armbands. Lithographed flag also excellent with hardly any wear. A rare grouping of 5 pieces. Very Good to Excellent. $300 - $500 $300
3033 Elastolin 7 SA Marching Band and 1 Flag - Nice matching set with just a few small cracks and some light wear. Very good faces, paint quality and original armbands. Lithographed flag also very good with some light wear. 8 Pieces. Made from 1933-39. Very Good to Excellent. $250 - $350 $140
3034 Elastolin 6 Marching SA and Mounted Leader - Horse with some leg cracks and light wear. Not a political horse. Rider is all original and excellent. Other 6 figures have few cracks and some light wear. All armbands are original, one missing. Made from 1933-39. 8 Pieces. Overall Very Good. $150 - $200 $70
3035 Elastolin 5 SA with 1 Rare Political Standard - The rare standard is all original with no wear or damage. Figures have no cracks with hardly any wear. Excellent faces, paint quality and all original armbands. All 7 cm. 6 pieces. Made from 1933-39. Excellent. $300 - $400 $100
3036 Elastolin 2 SS Marching and 1 SS with Flag - Tin lithographed flag is excellent with hardly any wear. Only one thin crack to top of one hat along with hardly any wear to the 3 figures. Excellent faces, paint quality and all original armbands. 3 Pieces. Made from 1934-38. Excellent. $200 - $300 $90
3037 Elastolin 2 Rare SS in Winter Coats 1 with Pack - Full bodied figures that are both 7.5 cm. 2 thin boot cracks with hardly any wear. Excellent faces, paint quality and all original armbands. 2 pieces. Rare figures made from 1934-38. Excellent. $200 - $300 $170
3038 Lineol Late Version 88 in Dark Gray and Green Camo - ONLY made about 1939. Nothing wrong with this piece. Excellent paint and all functions work. FLAK barrel can be raised, lowered and also rotated around base for positioning. The two caissons are also excellent with hardly any wear. A really pristine version of Lineol's famous 88 FLAK gun. Excellent Plus. $400 - $600 $425
3039 Italy 5 Brevett Carabinieri and Elas Mussolini - Mussolini has part of right hand chipped away and a thin crack in the left arm. Excellent face and paint quality and the movable arm works normally. 3 of the bandsmen are very good and the other 2 just good. All have excellent instrument detail. Mussolini made from about 1938-40. The Carabinieri were made postwar from about 1949-60. 6 Pieces. Very Good. $80 - $120 $60
3040 Lineol General Staff and Fanfare Trumpet 4 Pieces - Hindenburg with little nick to hat and short spider crack to base with like new paint and face. Blomberg with a couple of cracks, scuff to chin and excellent paint and uniform detail. Fanfare and General with sword and hand on hip show wear, have cracks, along with some touch-up to body of soldier with trumpet. Blomberg made ONLY 1935-36.Fanfare 1936-39.other 2 1934-39. 4 Pieces. Very Good. $100 - $200 $50
3041 Lineol 9 US Combat Soldiers and 3 Explosions - The 3 explosions have no cracks with general wear and some paint loss to the sides and are fair to good. Few cracks and some light wear to the figures. One kneeling rifleman is missing a foot. Soldier with ammo belt is 6.5 cm, the others all 7.5. 9 Pieces. Made 1932-39. Overall Very Good. $80 - $160 $50
3042 Elastolin General Blomberg and 5 German Army - Excellent face and uniform detail for Blomberg. General in Winter coat and officers with map and phone have few cracks and some light wear. Officer marching with sword is excellent. Soldier at attention is just fair. Made from 1936-40. 6 pieces. Overall Very Good. $120 - $180 $50
3043 Elastolin 17 German Army War Production Figures - Officer with sword,3 musical instruments,6 marching with rifles and 7 marching with rifles and packs. Some cracks and general wear. Due to the war, Hausser could not get the green paint any longer and the figures became more brown than green. This group is suitable to expand a parade scene. 17 Pieces. Made about 1940-42. Good to Very Good. $60 - $120 $70
3044 Lineol 2 Generals and 2 Soldiers with Flag - General Blomberg with couple of cracks and light wear along with excellent paint and uniform detail. General with movable arm with 1 crack and excellent paint. A first class flag. Flag bearer with some touch-up but no cracks. Fanfare trumpeter has cracks and the little flag is an Elastolin replacement. Movable arm General ONLY 1938-39. Others 1935-39. 4 Pieces. Overall Very Good. $120 - $180 $90
3045 Rarity Hausser Speaker's Tribune Stand and 3 Men - Found in catalog from 1934-37. Some touch-up to backboard with varnish coat applied to wood. Original catalog number underneath 18450. Cloth flags are original. Large columns either side of stage are original with number 18480 under one base. Flags behind stage are new made.2 Leibstandarte figures are original and just good. Podium and speaker are postwar. 11 Pieces. A very rare piece. Good to Very Good $140 - $200 $160
3046 Elastolin SS Kettle Drummer and 2 SS Men - Drummer and drums have no cracks and some light wear. One man at attention has split to top of helmet. No other cracks and the faces, paint quality and armbands are all excellent. Rare figures made from1934-39. 3 men and 2 drums. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $170
3047 Elastolin 3 SS 2 Winter Coats and 1 with Flag - Flag bearer has splits to boots with a missing armband. Face and paint quality are very good. Flag is tin lithographed but not Elastolin. Man in Winter coat with pack has part of armband missing. Both figures have very good faces and paint. Flag bearer made only 1938-40. Other 2 1934-40. 3 Pieces. Good to Very Good. $120 - $180 $110
3048 Rare Lineol Armored Car Rubber Tires with Driver - Excellent paint quality with hardly any wear. Entry door and lights have some touch-up but match the car exactly. Comes with a key and the motor works. Lights not tested. 4 tires all with the Lineol logo. This late version did not have a rear tire on the back. The original Lineol Panzer driver has just some light wear.12 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs. ONLY made 1938-40. 7.5 cm. Overall excellent condition. $1500 - $2000 $1,500
3049 Elastolin 3 German Panzer All Different - Few minor cracks with some light wear. Excellent original paint quality and uniform/ equipment detail. 7 cm. 3 pieces. Made only 1937-39. Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $110
3050 Rare Lineol SS Man March with Standard - Figure with thin neck crack and some light wear with original paint and armband. Standard original with some scratches to white circle on front. Swastika remains complete and legible. Man plus standard. 7.5cm. Made ONLY 1933-36. Very Good to Excellent. $120 - $180 $150
3051 Elastolin 4 SA Flag 2 Heiling 1 Leader - Only cracks are on man marching. 2 Heiling and flag bearer have no cracks and hardly any wear. All armbands original and complete. Some touch-up to center of flag. This is the last version comp flag. One man heiling has red hat of leader. 4 pieces. 7 cm. Made 1934-39. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $180 $50
3052 Lineol Hitler in Army Uniform Heiling at Podium - Fine example of Hitler figure. No cracks and hardly any wear. Excellent face and paint quality. Podium is an exact postwar copy of a Lineol podium. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Figure made Only 1938-40. Excellent. $120 - $180 $110
3053 Elastolin SA with Drum Dog Pulling Cart - Couple of thin cracks with some light wear to SA man. Drum and armband original. Tin cart is complete and excellent. Dog shows some light wear with touch-up to lower part of legs and Swastika on back. 2 Pieces. 7 cm. Made 1934-39 but rarely seen. Very Good. $140 - $180 $425
3054 Elastolin 3 SA 1 with Pack 1 with Flag - Early version flag is spray painted-not lithographed. Couple of paint chips with excellent color. Couple of minor cracks and very good paint for figures. All armbands complete and original. 3 Pieces. 7 cm. Flag dates to 1932-33. Figures made 1933-39. Very Good. $120 - $180 $50
3055 Hausser Krupp Protzkraftwagen 6 German Soldiers - Paint is all original with hardly any wear. This is Hausser's last and best 3rd version camouflage. All four cases 2 on either side have doors that open/ close. Both boards present on top used to cross ditches. 6 German soldiers. 4 Lineol and 2 Post War Elastolin. 2 rifles at rear. 9 rubber tires all marked Hausser. Standard missing from right front fender. Motor only runs haltingly. Lights not tested. This version did not come with a cloth top. Compatible with 7 cm and 7.5 cm figures. Made ONLY 1937-39. Very Good to Excellent. $500 - $700 $500
3056 Lineol Krock 3 RAD 2 Attention with Shovel - Postwar Reiner Krock figure is like new with excellent detail. About 20 years old. Lineol marching RAD has thin neck crack and hardly any wear with all original paint. The rare Lineol RAD at attention with shovel has some wear with an armband that shows some touch-up. Still good to very good. 3 pieces.7.5 cm. Lineol figures made only 1934-37. Overall Very Good. $120 - $180 $35
3057 2 SS Durso with Sword Froha with Standard - Durso man with sword has no cracks or apparent wear. Figure shown in 1940 Durso catalog. Froha figure has no cracks or apparent wear. Standard shows no wear and has excellent detail. This same standard is shown in the Durso catalog. 3 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 1940. Excellent. $80 - $140 $150
3058 Elastolin 3 Hitler Jugend 1 Leader - Leader with Aiguillete over left shoulder has repair to back of neck with touch-up to hands and face. Figure on left in photo is excellent with hardly any wear. Figure on far right has a repair to the neck and some scuffs to face. Note he has a Fliegersturm symbol on the left sleeve and blue shoulder boards. 3 pieces. 7 cm. Made only 1933-36. Good to Very Good. $60 - $80 $70
3059 Rarity Elastolin Roehm with Movable Arm - No cracks with scuff to top of right arm by the shoulder. Remainder of paint has no apparent wear and the uniform detail is excellent. Armband complete and all original. Movable arm works normally. 7 cm. Made ONLY 1933-34. A rarely seen figure. Very Good to Excellent. $150 - $250 $300
3060 Lineol 2 SA 1 Attention 1 with Standard - The Staffstandard is all original and without wear. The SA man holding it has no apparent wear and the paint is excellent. The SA man at attention is a 'Scharfuehrer'. Red collar tabs with green and blue ribbon and medal on chest. All original with excellent paint. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. Standard made ONLY 1935-36. Man at attention 1933-36. Rare and excellent. $200 - $300 $300
3061 3 Elastolin Army SA with Crash Helmets-Fireman - Fireman is excellent with no cracks and nice paint. Note there is a Swastika on the right side of the helmet. The SA Motorsturm man is missing the right hand and has excellent paint and an original armband. The German army driver in crash helmet has some light wear and the armband is touched up and only offered from 1934-35.3 Pieces. 7 cm. SA and Fireman made 1935-39. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $90
3062 Hausser Truck with AA Gun Motor Lights - Last version with 3rd version camo paint and rubber tires all marked Hausser. Excellent original paint with hardly any wear. Cannon can be rotated on base. It cocks and fires normally. Motor runs good and it comes with a key. Rear bench lifts up for storage along with two panels that open on either side of truck. Lights not tested. Comes with 4 soldiers, the vehicle can hold 8. The 2 spools at the end of the truck are missing the twine. 7 cm. Made from 1937-39. Last offered in 1938-39 catalog. Overall Very Good to Excellent $1000 - $1500 $650
3063 Lineol 3 Goosestepping German Soldiers - Couple of minor cracks with excellent paint quality. Officer is an eyes right mold. Both officer and soldier in center of photo are all original and excellent. Soldier on right side of photo has some touch-up to hands, face and helemt. These areas look normal to the eye. 3 pieces. 7.5 cm. Made only 1937-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $80
3064 Lineol 2 German Recruits in Fatigues - Recruit at attention has no cracks or apparent wear. Face and paint quality are excellent. Rare in this condition. Recruit goosestepping has no cracks with some light wear to include few small nicks to face and front of uniform. The helmet, which looks normal, shows some signs of touch-up. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made only 1936-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $90
3065 Hausser Camouflaged Motorcycle Sidecar with MG - Camouflaged Motorcycles were only in the program for a short time about 1937. This basic model was made 1935-39 but in German army green. Tin to include wheels and sidecar is excellent. All original last version camo paint. Some paint loss to parts of fenders. Couple of cracks to soldiers with some touch-up to arms of driver. Faces and paint quality is very good-excellent.7 cm. Rare with camouflage sidecar. Very Good to Excellent. $200 - $280 $350
3066 Lineol 2 cm FLAK and Soldier with Magazine - Soldier at 2 cm FLAK has no cracks with just some very light wear to man and gun. The paint is excellent and all original. The gun can be rotated on the base to take up different positions. Soldier with magazine has excellent face and paint quality with some touch-up to the helmet. 2 pieces. 7.5 cm. ONLY in the last Lineol catalog of 1938-39. Rare and Excellent. $150 - $250 $130
3067 Lineol 2 Last Version German Cavalry Riders - Note the slung rifle is fitted with a leather boot to secure it. The rifle is a carbine style. Horses with a couple of thin minor leg cracks and excellent paint. Note one horse fitted with saber on the right side. No cracks to either rider with excellent faces, paint quality and rifle detail. 2 Horses, 2 Riders. 7.5 cm. Only offered in the last Lineol catalog of 1938-39. Very Scarce and Excellent. $80 - $120 $90
3068 Tippco Ambulance Driver with 4 Medical Figures - A really fine example of Tipp's ambulance in green/ rust brown, beige splinter camouflage. Excellent colors to the lithographed tin with hardly any wear. Back doors open and interior for wounded is complete. Motor works and it comes with a key. Original driver. On the right side you will note! The figures with few cracks and some light wear. Doctor is Elastolin, wounded on stretcher is Lineol and the other 2 are Kienel. 6 pieces. 7 cm. Made from 1936-42. Overall Excellent. $500 - $700 $325
3069 Elastolin 2 Mtd Off and Soldier with Cav Standard - Officer with metal stirrups has no cracks or wear. One little crack to standing horse with just some light wear. Soldier with standard shows signs of touch-up but the standard itself is excellent and original. The standing horse is excellent. 2 Horses, 2 Riders. 7 cm. Cav Standard 1938-40. Officer 1937-39. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $110
3070 Medical Bunker by Kiwa with 7 Figures - Kiwa was the logo for bunkers made by the Kienel firm. Base is 12 inches x 6 inches. 6 inches x 4 inches building is 3 3/4 inches high and has a removable roof to allow placing figures inside and the door opens/closes. Nice detail and paint is excellent. Note the dog house on right side. The 6 figures are; 2 Lineol, 3 Elastolin and 2 Kienel. All are good to very good. 8 Pieces. 7-7.5 cm. Made about 1935-40. Overall Very Good. $60 - $100 $130
3071 Elastolin 3 German Army Officer Flag Soldier - The very scarce Reichskriegsfahne composition flag was ONLY offered in 1936. Shows light wear with some touch-up to top of flagstaff. The officer and soldier at attention were ONLY made 1939-40 and are scarce. Slim neck crack to one with hardly any wear and excellent paint. 3 Pieces. 7 cm. Excellent. $120 - $180 $70
3072 Elastolin Traditional Flag and Fanfare Trumpet - The tin lithographed flag is excellent with no wear and great detail/ color. The flag bearer has some wear with touch-up to helmet and parts of coat. The fanfare trumpet with the Reichswehr flag is all original. Soldier shows wear to shoulder and helmet. Offered ONLY 1935. The flag made only 1935-37. 2 Figures,1 tin flag. 7 cm. Overall Very Good. $80 - $120 $50
3073 Lineol Duscha 2 Soldiers with Machine Gun - The 2 man Duscha piece is like new with no damage. Excellent detail to gun and uniforms. The scarce Lineol 2-man figure has no cracks with just some light wear. Paint and detail are excellent. The soldier supporting the gun can be rotated underneath for varied positions. 2 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Ducha figure about 25 years old. Lineol figure made only 1938-39. Excellent. $80 - $120 $110
3074 Lineol Motorcycle Movable Wheels US Soldiers - Wheels and frame excellent with no damage or wear. Driver with thin waist crack and excellent paint. Rider with scuff to arm and just light wear.1 motorcyle and 1 back seat rider. 7.5 cm. Made from 1934-39. Overall Excellent. $60 - $100 $140
3075 Schuco BMW 327 3 Luftwaffe and Goering - Good looking BMW 327 Cabriolet convertible with 3 Luftwaffe and Goering. This vehicle was first made by BMW in Bavaria from 1937-41. Schuco logo under the frame and on the front plate. The four figures are all excellent and Goering has a movable arm holding his Marshall's baton. Motor works good and it comes with a key. Car and 4 Figures and Key. 7 cm. About 20 years old. Car plus figures Excellent. $200 - $400 $550
3076 Lineol Reichskrieg Flag General Guard - The scarce spray painted flag is like new with no marks/ wear. Flag bearer has some touch-up to face, hands and helmet. The general with the movable arm has no cracks or apparent wear. Arm works normally. Thin partial neck crack for the guard with hardly any wear. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Flag and guard 1935-39. General ONLY made 1938-39. Excellent. $100 - $200 $100
3077 Reiner Krock 3 Combat German Soldiers - The usual fine Krock detail and workmanship. All 3 like new. Great detail to soldier with mine detector and soldiers with grenades and pouches. 3 Pieces. 7.5 cm. About 20 years old. $60 - $90 $45
3078 Elastolin Krock SS Composition Blood Flag Guard - The Krock SS guard is like new and has excellent paint and detail. The very scarce composition blood flag has some wear but is complete and original. Bearer has neck crack and some light wear. 2 Pieces. 7 cm. Krock figure about 20 years old. Flag made 1934-39. Flag Very Good. $100 - $180 $45
3079 Lineol Krock Tent-Rifle Stack 3 Camp Figures - Tent unknown maker. 5 inches deep and 3 inches high. Cloth shows wear and staining but no rips/ tears. Tin flag is original Hausser. The Lineol rifle stack is complete with light wear. The 3 Krock camp figures are all like new with the usual fine Krock detail. 5 pieces. 7.5 cm. Krock figures about 20 years old. Rifle stack made 1933-39. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $60 - $100 $40
3080 Lineol 5 US Combat Soldiers - Few minor cracks and some light wear. Sign of repair to soldier with shovel on back. Soldier standing with rifle has pack that pulls back and fires caps. 5 pieces. 7.5 cm. Office and soldier charging made 1933-39. Other 3 made only 1937-39. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $60
3081 Kibri Elastolin Train Platform 3 Figures - Platform measures 5 inches across and stands 4 1/2 inches high. The base has a few bends with paint chips. Bulb not tested. One train schedule on board possibly replaced. The 3 figures have some light wear with excellent paint. Conductor and woman are Elastolin along with the porter Leyla. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Made about 1935-40. Very Good. $40 - $80 $120
3082 Lineol German Motorcycle with Officer in Sidecar - Tin wheels and frame with no damage and excellent paint. Three soldiers have excellent paint and faces. 1 Motorcycle with removable back seat rider. 7.5 cm. Made from 1934-39. An excellent example of this motorcycle. $200 - $280 $500
3083 Lineol Kubelwagen with PAK Cannon - Paint is all original with no dents. Cloth top shows no wear or rips/ tears. All tires marked Lineol. Motor works good and it comes with a key. This is the early double floor version as seen from side. The spare tires have metal holders over the tops. Has the two rifles in back and standard on front fender. The 4 soldiers are all excellent. The soldiers in the back seat have leather straps across chests to help position the PAK. The PAK is a postwar model. Car and 4 Figures and Pak. 7.5 cm. Car made 1934-39. Overall Excellent. $600 - $800 $600
3084 Elastolin Bayern State Flag Officer with Sword - The tin spray painted Bayern state flag has almost no wear and is original. The flag bearer has an excellent face with good paint with the paint is touched up. No cracks to the officer with an excellent face and a bit of touch-up to the back of the helmet and neck. 2 Figures plus Flag 7cm. Flag offered only 1931-33. Figures made about 1931-37. Overall Very Good. $60 - $100 $90
3085 Lineol 4 Luftwaffe General 2 Officers Soldier - The 2 Generals in Winter coat and with hand on hip have no cracks and hardly any wear. Both are flight branch of the Luftwaffe. The FLAK officer with the map has a neck crack and some light wear. The soldier in the field hat with rifle has a couple of cracks and some light wear. He has the yellow collar tabs of the flight branch. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Soldier with rifle made from 1935-39. The other 3 only from 1936-39. Excellent. $100 - $180 $110
3086 Lineol Post War 105mm Cannon with 3 Soldiers - Books not sure of exact dates but this version of Lineol's 105mm light field howitzer was made Post War. Both rubber tires with the Lineol logo. Some paint chips to barrel. It cocks and fires and the barrel can be raised/ lowered. The 3 soldiers have a few small cracks and some light wear. 4 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Soldiers made ONLY 1938-39. $150 - $200 $60
3087 Hausser Field Supply Wagon with Rubber Tires - The horses have few minor cracks with excellent paint. Both driver and outrider have some cracks and light wear. The wagon has no bends and the tin is excellent. The tarp has no rips/ tears. The 5 rubber tires are all marked Hausser. Wagon, 2 horse and 2 figures. 7 cm. Only offered from 1937-40 and this gray version dates to about 1939. Overall Excellent. $250 - $350 $275
3088 Lineol German Signal Corps Cable Rolls Pole - Elastolin stringing wire with a crack and some wear. Rest are Lineol. Pole straight and just light wear. Soldiers with cable rolls have few minor cracks and excellent paint. Cable roll on back has wire. Scarce cable roll holder is complete with twin spools. 6 pieces. 7.5 cm. Elastolin/ Lineol made 1933-39. Very Good to Excellent. $100 - $180 $120
3089 Elastolin Aigner Goering 3 SA - SA at attention with rifle is an Aigner figure made postwar. Like new. Best example of this Goering that we have seen. Nothing wrong with it. Exceptionally fine uniform decorations. Movable arm works normally. SA figure with map has a gloss coat but looks ok. Figure on phone has hardly any wear and is original. 4 pieces. 7 cm. Elastolin made 1933-39. 2 Elastolin SA Very Good. Goering Excellent Plus. $80 - $160 $120
3090 Elastolin Medical Group Wounded Medics - 2 medics carrying wounded with some wear and minor crack. Late version with arm in sling has some wear to back. Stretcher team and wounded have light wear and minor cracks. Metal/ cloth stretcher is excellent. 7 Pieces. 7 cm. Stretcher medics made 1932-36. Others about 1937-40. Overall Very Good. $60 - $90 $35
3091 Lineol/ Elastolin Guard House 2 Guards - The Lineol guard shack is 4 1/2 inches tall with just some light wear couple of chips to base. Both guards with few minor cracks and some light wear. 3 Pieces. Elastolin 7 cm. The other two 7.5 cm. Guard House only 1936-39. 2 Guards about 1934-40. Overall very Good to Excellent. $40 - $80 $20
3092 Lineol 6 US Soldiers Staff Signal Corps - Kneeling taking code has slight gloss coat. Others with minor cracks, light wear but excellent paint quality. Detail excellent for trench scope, semaphore wands(excellent original paint!) and map. 6 Pieces. 7.5 cm. 5 Made 1934-39. Note officer looking up with binoculars is late version US made 1936-39 and was only made as German Luftwaffe, not army. Overall Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $130
3093 Elastolin 3 Luftwaffe Flieger Flag 2 Soldiers - First version lithographed flag (trailing POINTED edge) is excellent with hardly any wear/ marks. Flag bearer and soldiers with couple of small cracks, just light wear and excellent original paint. 3 Figures 1 Flag. 7 cm. With slung rifle only offered 1937-39. Flag and other 2 1936-40. Very Good to Excellent. $80 - $120 $50
3094 Lineol/ Elas. 5 German Soldiers Winter Uniforms - Elastolin prone with rifle is original and excellent. No catalog info. The helmets are all Swiss/ Danish except for the soldier on ground with HG and Rifle. A German helmet on a Lineol Winter uniform is rare. The skier has a lot of touch-up to the figure. Kneeling with HG some touch-up to one leg. Other figures all original. Only made by Lineol from 1939-42 for the Swiss/ Danish market. 5 Pieces. 7.5 cm. Very Good. $80 - $120 $45

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