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Past Auction Details

The Clifford H. Hansen Collection and Various Properties -- Auction 2 - November 22, 2008

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Image Lot Description Estimate (USD) Price Realized
601 Britians Set # 1641 Underslung Lorry Pre War 1938-1941. (Driver Mismatched paint) Condition Very Good (Slight Scratches to top of Cab). $200 - $250 $120
602 Britains Set # 2077 Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery at the Walk Post War 8 Pieces. Post War 1953-1959 Unboxed Condition Very Good. $350 - $380 $170
603 Britains Mounted Officers. RARE Guards Officer on Sway Back Horse from Large Display Set, Ninth Queens Royal Lancer Officer from Set # 24 and two Officers of the General Staff from Set # 201. Pre and Post War. 4 Pieces. Condition Very Good. $80 - $100 $100
604 Britains Mounted Officers Including RARE from the Uncataloged Boer Supply Wagon Set, Mounted Officer with Outstretched Sword on Scots Grey Style Horse (Repainted) French Foreign Legion Officer on Standing Horse, Four General Staff Officers in Khaki, Governor Generals Horse Guard Canada, First Version Mountain Artillery Officer from Set # 28, Scots Grey Officer (Sword Half broken) and a Mounted Hussar (Hole in side of Horse). Pre and Post War items.10 Pieces. $130 - $150 $140
605 Britains RARE @Param0B@Param1 Series Set # 126 Galloping Gun Team and Escort in Service Dress. Six Horse Gun Team with Gun and Limber (Gun is Mismatched Paint) Three Man Mounted Escort with Carbines on Galloping Horses with Officer on White Horse. Unboxed, Pre World War One 1902. 13 Pieces. Condition Very Good (Slight Scratches to some Horses). $300 - $350 $400
606 Britains RARE "B" Series Set # 125 Royal Horse Artillery Gun Team and Escort Full Dress. Six Horse Gun Team with Gun and Limber (Gun is Mismatched Paint) Three Man Mounted Escort with Carbines on Galloping Horses with Bugler and Officer on White Horse (Two Plumes Missing from Escort Riders, One Plume Missing From Outrider, Gun and Limber Embellished.) Unboxed Pre World War 1 1902. Condition Very Good.13 Pieces. $300 - $350 $130
607 Britains RARE "B Series Set # 12B 16th Lancers in Foreign Service Dress. Officer and Trumpeter on White walking Horses, Lancers on Brown Horses (Tips Of Lances Missing) Pre World War One 1904. Unboxed 4 Pieces. Condition Good. (Scratches to White Horses). $120 - $150 $90
608 Britains Set # 146 General Service Wagon Active Service Khaki Version with Original Box Marked 146. Pre War 1925-1932. Condition Good, Box Good (Frayed Lid Edges and small tear in Label). $150 - $180 $250
609 Britains Set # 1432 Army Covered Canvas Tender Lorry. 10 Wheel with Original Illustrated Box. Pre War 1936-1941. Condition Very Good, Box Good (Frayed Lid Edges and Crack at End of Box). $140 - $160 $180
610 Britains Set # 1433 Army Covered Tin Roof Tender, Caterpillar Tracks with Driver and Original Box. Post War 1948-1957. Condition Very Good (Replacement Tow Hook). Box Good (Small Stain to bottom right hand side of Label). $50 - $160 $60
611 Britains Set #s 1717 A.A. Two Pounder Gun on Chassis, Pre War Version with (Replacement White Tyres) in original Box, Set 1717 Post War Version in Original Box Condition Very Good. Box Good (End Flaps missing at one end) Set #1479 Short Pole Gun Limber For Royal Artillery in Original Box, Condition Very Good, Box Very Good and Set # 9710 Gun Of the Royal Artillery in Original Box. Condition Very Good. Box Good. 4 Pieces Pre War and Post War. $80 - $100 $120
612 Britains RARE Set # 1724 Anti Aircraft Units in Unusual Original Pre War 1939-1941 Green Box, Partially Untied.10 Wheel Covered Tender, Searchlight on Wooden Base, Tent, Officer with Swagger Stick, Sound Locator and Operator Two Spotters with Chairs and Five other Operators. 16 Pieces. Condition Excellent, Box Very Good (Inner partitions may be Replaced Lid Edges Slightly Frayed). $700-800 $1,000
613 Britains Set # 1727 Covered Caterpillar Tender Set with 4.5 Howitzer and Limber Olive Green Version. With Original Box. Pre War 1939-1941. 3 Pieces. (Tender has Replacement Tracks) Condition Very Good. Box Good (Label Stained). $300 - $350 $475
614 Britains Set # 1877 Beetle Lorry with Unusual Late Pre War Line Drawing Box Label RARE 1940-1941 Only Version. Condition Very Good. Box Very Good. $180 - $250 $200
615 Britains Set # 2052 Anti Aircraft Display Anti Aircraft Set Part ROAN Box (Box has Been Cut Down By One Partition) Post War 1951-1962, Some Contents do not Match Catalog Description. Sound Locator, Predictor, Height Finder, Range Finder and Spotting Chair with Five Operators, Three Artillerymen ,Two with Shells, A 1717 Anti Aircraft Mobile Gun and Mobile Searchlight. Condition Excellent. Box (As described above Inner Partitions Replaced). $250 - $350 $190

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