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Past Auction Details

Scott Morlan's Heydes for the Holidays -- Auction 79-- December 10, 2022

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Image Lot Description Estimate (USD) Price Realized
201 Heyde Display Set Large Size African Hunt Size 00 (65mm). Set Includes 5 African Natives, Tinplate Kraal, Large Vignette of Monkeys and Parrots in Trees, Small Vignette of Monkeys in Trees, Tinplate Bird Feeder, Several Animals including Lions, Tigers, Zebra, Ostrich, Monkeys, Wild Dogs, and Water Buffalo. Also includes Several Plants, Trees and Fence Sections. Original Box Measures 59cm x 41cm. 53 Pieces. Rare. Condition Very Good. Water Buffalo Missing Tail. Box Fair. Partial Label on Lid. Split Corners. Top Distressed. **Extra Shipping Charge Due To Large Lot Size** $3000- $5000
202 Heyde Lot Large Size Rabbit Hunt 65mm. German Made Hunt, Possibly by Krause. includes Small Wood Cabin, Wood Pile, Hunters with Rifles and Beating Sticks, Dogs, Deer, Rabbits, Duplex of Two Horses Standing (Damaged), a Duplex of 2 Draft Horses at Water Trough, and an Assortment of Trees and Loofah Bushes. 39 Pieces. Condition Fair to Very Good. Few Rabbits Missing Legs. Horses Detached on 2 Horse Duplex. Some Weapons and Small Straps Broken or Bent. No Box. $800- $1000
203 Heyde Lot Souvenir Figures Children with Giraffe 48mm. Nippes Figures. Lot includes Elephant with Child in Trunk and Children with Giraffe on Rope. Also Includes Palm Tree by Spenkuch. 3 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. Wire Connecting Children on Giraffe Broken. No Box. $80- $120
204 Heyde Souvenir Figure Pig Race Nippes Figure. 2 Children Riding Pigs. 1 Piece. Condition Good. No Box. $60- $80
205 Heyde Souvenir Figure Boy Riding Elephant Nippes Figure. 1 Piece. Condition Very Good. No Box. $40- $60
206 Heyde Souvenir Figure Boy Riding Elephant Nippes Figure. 1 Piece. Condition Good. No Box. $40- $60
207 Heyde Souvenir Figures Little Red Riding Hood Nippes Figures. Lot includes a Duplex of Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf and a Gnome. Scarce Nursery Rhyme Figure. 3 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $100- $150
208 German Souvenir Munich Child Tape Measure Nippes Figure. German Made. Munich Child Standing on Book Containing Cloth Sewing Measuring Tape. 5cm Tall. 1 Piece. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $100- $200
209 Set of Cowboy Flats by Clown 45mm. 5 Pieces. Condition Very Good. Box Fair to Good. Scuffing and Edge Wear to Lid. $20- $30
210 Lot of Rock and Mountain Scenic Elements Lot includes Contemporary Rocks and Mountains Scenic Elements Resembling Buttes and Mountainous Features. Made of Foam and Composite Materials by Unknown Maker. Largest Measures 26cm Wide x 22cm Tall. 6 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $20- $40
211 Putz Lot of Large Wood Fencing Sections Measure 25cm Long x 8cm Tall. Made in Germany. 13 Pieces. Condition Good. No Box. $50- $80
212 Putz Lot of Medium Wood Fencing Lot includes Medium Fence Sections, Bridge and 2 Gate Sections. Fence Sections Measure 18cm to 24cm Long x 4cm Tall. Includes 4 Loofah Bushes. Made in Germany. 13 Pieces. Condition Good. No Box. $40- $60
213 Putz Lot of Small Wood Fencing Lot includes Small Fence Sections and Step Gate. Fence Sections Measure 12cm Long x 4cm Tall. Made in Germany. 20 Pieces. Condition Good. Few Sections Distressed. No Box. $50- $80
214 Heyde Lot Cavalry Encampment Size 2 (48mm). Lot includes 2 Seated Officers on Logs, 2 Drummers, Vignette of Man Feeding Horse, Horse with Feeding Bag, Small Dogs, Pig, Standing Horse, Bivouac Figures Around Campfire, Trees and 2 Canvas Tents. 20 Pieces. Condition Fair. Tents Distressed. No Box. $100- $200
215 Heyde Lot Personalities 1st Quality Horses Size 2 (48mm). Lot includes Kaiserin Riding Side Saddle, Empress Riding Side Saddle, Garde du Corps Officer, British General, and 2 Other Officers on Standing and Walking 1st Quality Horses. 6 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. No Box. $150- $200
216 Heyde Military Marching Band Size 2 (48mm). Band includes Drum Major, Glockenspiel, Percussion and Brass. Red Uniforms. 10 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. No Box. $100- $150
217 Heyde Lot Bandsmen Officer Medical Orderlies Size 2 (48mm). Lot includes 2 Seated Bandsmen in Chairs, Seated Officer and a Vignette of Medical Orderlies Carrying Wounded. 4 Pieces. Condition Poor to Good. No Box. $30- $40
218 Lot of Lead and Bottle Brush Trees Lot includes a Contemporary Resin Backdrop of Large Pine Trees along with an assortment of Lead and Bottle Brush Trees in Various Sizes. Some Trees Made by Mignot of France. Bottle Brush Trees Made in Germany. Vignette Measures 17cm Wide x 17cm Tall. Other Trees Measure 6cm to 17cm tall. 20 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. No Box. $40- $60
219 Timpo Lot of Zoo Fencing Sections Measure 10cm x 8cm Tall. 22 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. No Box. $100- $120
220 Elastolin Lot Composition Scenery Pieces Lot includes Loofah Tree with Composition Base, 2 Rock Formations, Rock Ledge, Rock with Rustic Fence, Palm Tree and Juvenile Elephant. 7 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. No Box. $60- $80
221 Elastolin Lot American Indians with Backdrop 70mm. Elastolin Composition North American Indians Circa 1950. Includes Brave on Horse, 3 Fighting Warriors and Mounted Chief. Also Includes Western Backdrop by Keystone Featuring a Protruding Log Cabin Fort with Mountain Background Made of Litho Paper on Composite Board. Measures 57cm Long x 29cm Tall. 7 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. Chief Missing Horse and Tomahawk Blade. No Box. **Extra Shipping Charge Due To Large Lot Size** $80- $100
222 Custom Ceramic North African Fort Custom Made by California Artist Greg Thorne, Circa 1970. Includes 3 Structures, Several Wall Sections, Bench and Barrel. Unique. 19 Pieces. Condition Very Good. No Box. **Extra Shipping Charge Due To Large Lot Size** $80- $120
223 Taylor and Barrett Lot Lead Fencing Includes Zoo Gate. Circa 1930's. 60 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. Few Sections Minor Damage. No Box. $60- $80
224 Wm. Hocker Three Stages Toy Soldier Collecting Features the 3 Stages of Toy Soldier Collecting Including the Casting of Toy Soldiers, Boy Receiving Set of Soldiers and the Set of Soldiers Up for Auction. 4 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. Boxes Good. $100- $120
225 Britains Set 17 "The Equestrienne" Early Britains Toy. Flywheel Mechanical Toy Consisting of an Equestrienne Rider who jumps a Hurdle and lands back onto her Mount as she Travels in a Circle. Circa Pre 1915. Rare. 1 Piece. Condition Fair. Flywheel Mechanism Rotates Both Horse and Rider However Rider does not Jump the Hurdle due to a Defective Cam. No Box. $120- $160
226 Lot of Britains Village Idiot Conversions Lot Includes 3 Britains Conversions featuring Village Idiot Heads, 2 Recast Officers Kneeling, London Bobby Conversion to Bahama Policeman and a William Feix Indian. 9 Pieces. Condition Good. Police Arm Loose. Guard Rifle Broken but Present. Indian Feathers Missing. No Box. $30- $50
227 Britains Set 2055 ACW Confederate Cavalry American Civil War. Confederate Cavalry Officer and 4 Mounted Troops. 5 Pieces. Condition Excellent. Box Good. $60- $80
228 Britains Set 2091 Rifle Brigade Number 1 Dress At The Trail. Circa 1954-1959. 8 Pieces. Condition Very Good. Embellishments to Red Cap Badges, Collars and Epaulettes. One Rifle Butt Missing. One Small Dent in Groin. No Box. $60- $80
229 Britains Set 69 Scots Guards Pipers In Translucent Blue Tunics. Circa 1930. 6 Pieces. Condition Excellent. No Box. $60- $80
230 Britains Set 2096 Irish Guards Pipes and Drums Circa 1954- 1965. 12 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. Plastic Drum Decals Distressed. Box Fair to Good. Tape Scuffing on Lid. $150- $180
231 Britains Set 1283 Grenadier Guards Firing In Translucent Blue Trousers. Circa 1937-1939. 9 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. Box Very Good to Excellent with Correct Tie Card. $100- $140
232 Britains Set 39 Royal Horse Artillery Includes Gun, Limber and 6 Horse Team and Mounted Officer. Post War. Circa 1950's. 9 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good with Paint Wear to Horses. Box Poor. Tattered. No Tie Card. $100- $150
233 Lot of Auction Catalogs Lot includes 1981 Phillips Auction Catalog Featuring the Len Richards Collection, 1989 Auction Catalog Featuring the Burtt Ehrlich Collection and Hardbound Bertoia Catalog and Others. 6 Pieces. Condition Good to Very Good. No Box. $20- $30
234 Lot of Dinky Crescent Mignot Reprint Catalogs Lot includes 1975 Dinky Toy Catalog in Color and Reprinted Catalogs for Mignot, Crescent Cherilea, Charben's and Kuzu. 9 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $20- $30
235 Lot of Catalog Reprints of German Makers Reprint Catalogs. Lot includes High Quality Copy of 1958 Hauser Catalog, Lineol 1938-39 Catalog, and Catalogs for Georg Spenkuch of Nurnburg, Georg Heyde of Dresden, and Ernst Heinrichsen of Nurnburg. Great Reference Material for German Made Lead and Composition Figures. 5 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $20- $40
236 Hans Roer Book of Old German Toy Soldiers Hard Bound Copy " German Toy Soldiers" by Hans Roer Including Heyde, Haffner, Spenkuch and Many Other Makers. Great Reference Book with Color Photographs. 1 Piece. Condition Mint and Sealed in Cello Wrap. No Box. $30- $50
237 Lot of Britains Reprint Catalogs Includes Various Reprints of Britains Catalogs and Supplements for Nu Lines and Model Home Farm, 1915 - 1958. Includes Original Corr's of Washington Toy Catalog Featuring Britains. 9 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $20- $40
238 Lot of Original Britains Catalogs and Inserts Includes Original 1939 Color Illustrated Folding Insert, Liliput and Clockwork Folding Inserts, Numerical List and Catalogs for 1949 and 1950. 8 Pieces. Condition Very Good. No Box. $60- $100
239 Great Book of Britains with Figures By James Opie. Produced in 1983 to Celebrate the Centenary Anniversary of Britains Toy Soldiers. Includes 2 Scots Greys and 2 Welsh Fusiliers with Colors in Presentation Box. Limited Edition # 2258 of 2500 Sets and #33 of 100 Signed by Author and Inscribed to the Original Owner. Also Signed by Dennis Britain. Incredible Resource with Provenance. 5 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. Box Good to Very Good. $200- $250
240 Lot of Reprint Britains Catalogs Lot includes Reprints of Catalogs Dated 1915, 1922, 1936 and 1939. Includes Nu Lines Supplement and Small Miniature Garden Pamphlet Dated 1973 and Others. 9 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $40- $60
241 Lot of Original Britains Catalogs Lot includes Original Catalogs Spanning Years 1960 thru 2001 Plus Catalogs for Liliput and Coronation Sets for Queen Elizabeth and More. 37 Pieces. Condition Very Good to Excellent. No Box. $40- $60
1001 Tiffany Soldiers RETRO-TECH Space Cadets 7 metal space men in 54 mm. Excellent Condition. $100- $200
1002 Rappaport Brothers Buck Rogers Complete set of 22 figures by Eccles Brothers. Near Mint Condition. $150- $250
1003 RETRO Mfg. Co. Flash Gordon Set of five 80 mm metal character figures. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1004 Local Hero's The Burning House Large cast burning house facade (16x") with four 55 mm metal firefighters. Excellent Condition. $100- $150
1005 Britains Ltd. Cadbury Coco Cubs premiums Includes twenty-seven different animals and a "Club Badge", tied in a box with an old OTSN article (Vol 6 #4), by Norman Joplin on the Coco Cubs. Excellent Condition. $300- $500
1006 Barclay 1937 American Legionnaires Flag bearer recast in original hollow cast molds by Eccles Brothers and signed. 13 pieces. Excellent Condition. $180- $250
1007 William Hocker #192, Bushnell's Turtle American Revolution submarine. 1 piece. Excellent condition, with original box. $100- $150
1008 French Dimestore Colonials 60mm metal troops on camels, horses and on foot. 6 pieces. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1009 MARX Jesus and the 12 apostles Thirteen 60 mm figures in original factory paint. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1010 Danbury Mint Burnished Pewter Figures Danbury Mint 10 cm fine (unpainted) burnished Pewter figures of "The American Spirit" from 1973. Ten different historical representations of American history, including The Pilgrim, The Town Crier, The Minute Man, The Sea Captain, The Pioneer Woman, The Sea Captain (2nd version), The Cowboy, The Inventory and the Astronaut. Excellent Condition. $30- $50
1011 Vintage Castings (Bill Lango) 20 -year Anniversary 41/100 hollow cast Barclay American Legionnaire Flag Bearer. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $30- $50
1012 Eccles Brothers Dimestore 5&10 Corps Radiologist with X-Ray Machine, designed by Dr. Ed. Poole. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $50- $100
1013 CBG Mignot Crazy Horse Paris Showgirls 16 figures in 54 mm scale, various poses. Excellent Condition. $250- $350
1014 CBG Mignot Crazy Horse Paris Showgirls 10 figures in 75 mm scale, various scale. Excellent Condition. $150- $250
1015 CBG Mignot Moulin Rouge Can-Can Dancers 7 different dancers in 54 mm scale. Excellent Condition. $150- $250
1016 Grey Iron "Crazy Clowns" Two iron acrobats and a tin litho bar. Very Good Condition. $40- $60
1017 Barclay (4) Horse - Drawn Circus Wagon Horse-Drawn circus wagon in lead, and tin plate with Lion. 1 Piece. Condition@Param0 $40- $60
1018 CONTE' Pirate Crew 5 metal factory painted pirates. Excellent Condition. $60- $100
1019 Monarch/ Sanderson "Pirates of Tortuga" "Pirates of Tortuga" burying the treasure. 7 figures. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1020 Monarch/Sanderson "Pirates of Tortuga" "Pirates of Tortuga" sacking the city. 13 figures. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1021 Tommy-Toy Dimestore Nursery Rhyme 12 different figures (Lot #1). Including the rare Witch on Broom in orange. Excellent Condition. $250- $350
1022 Tommy-Toy Dimestore Nursery Rhyme 12 different figures (Lot #2). Excellent Condition. $200- $300
1023 Lineol 7 cm cast in metal "Operation Valkyrie". Seven different German High Command around a map table and "the bomb" suitcase. Excellent Condition. $120- $180
1024 Lineol 7 cm cast in metal German Senior officer, WWII. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $20- $40
1025 Elastolin 7 cm composition German WWII Black-shirt officer marching in overcoat. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $30- $50
1026 Lineol 7 cm composition German WWII Black-shirt marching with tin German flag. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $30- $50
1027 Elastolin rare 7 cm composition Porcelain-head portrait figure of Der Fuhrer marching at salute. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $200- $300
1028 "RK" 7 cm composition Der Fuhrer with German Shepard on a leash. 2 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $40- $60
1029 Lincoln Log "OG, Son on Fire" Premium set with all four figures, plus a metal dinosaur and an OG "Big - Little" book. Excellent Condition. $120- $180
1030 Exotic Harem diorama in 54 mm Includes Classical Bath Building and 25 figures. Excellent Condition. $200- $300
1031 Heyde large German-made 85 mm warriors Heyde large German-made 85 mm Native American warriors, three on foot and one duplex piece on mounted combat (horse tail missing). $60- $80
1032 Heyde large German-made 85 mm figure Heyde large German-made 85 mm figure of a Chinese Coolie. 1 Piece. Excellent Condition. $60- $80
1033 Heyde-like large German-made 75 mm figures Heyde-like large German-made 75 mm Native American warriors, two standing. Excellent Condition. $60- $80
1034 Heyde-like large German-made 75 mm figure Heyde-like large German-made 75 mm Native American warrior painted as a souvenir of Niagara Falls, Canada. Excellent Condition. $40- $60
1035 Krolyn (Denmark) Robin Hood Krolyn (Denmark) aluminum 70 mm Robin Hood and his merry men. 5 pieces. Very Good Condition. $100- $200
1036 Krolyn (Denmark) Two Mounted Knights Krolyn (Denmark) aluminum 70 mm two mounted knights in combat. Excellent Condition. $60- $100
1037 Krolyn (Denmark) Seven Viking Warriors Krolyn (Denmark) aluminum 70 mm seven Viking warriors in full combat. Excellent Condition. $100- $150
1038 Reynolds & Johillco "Treasure Island" Pirates Reynolds and Johillco "Treasure Island" pirates. 5 different 54 mm hollow cast. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1039 TRICO (Japan) Railway Station Figures TRICO (Japan) 75 mm hollow cast railway station figures. 5 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $40- $80
1040 Johillco for Lionel Railway Station Figures Four 75 mm hollow cast railway station figures. Excellent Condition. $30- $50
1041 Barclay Railroad Station Personnel 14 different 70 mm hollow cast figures. Excellent Condition. $40- $60
1042 Manoil M22 Cadets Manoil M22 Cadets (light blue) on parade. 5 pieces. Very Good Condition. $20- $40
1043 Solid Cast Railroad Figures 4 pieces, plus luggage. 7 cm. Unknown maker. Excellent condition. $40- $60
1044 Collection of Captive Cowboys Tied to Posts Collection of captive cowboys tied to posts, including Incamin (Belgium) 7 cm composition, Leyla 7 cm composition, Elastolin (Germany) 7 cm composition, Krolyn (Denmark) 7 cm aluminum, Pfeifer (Austria) 6 cm composition, Benbros (England) 55 mm hollow cast, Timpo (England) 54 mm hollow cast, and unknown (Japan@Param0) 50 mm composition, plus an Elastolin cowboy sitting with his hands bound. Excellent Condition. $150- $250
1045 Elastolin 7 cm composition AA Native American Elastolin 7 cm composition of AA Native American warrior paddling a birch bark canoe (20 cm). Excellent Condition. $20- $40
1046 Elastolin & Lineol American Indian Braves American Indian Braves, various poses, one cowboy. 7 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $60- $80
1047 Elastolin & Tipple- Topple Hut Diorama Elastolin and Tipple-Topple Native American hut diorama, includes base with hut, 8 Elastolin and 2 tipple-topple 7 cm composition figures, plus two cooking fires. Excellent Condition. $150- $250
1048 Chialu 7 cm composition Western Figures Including cowboy and Indian in combat, and Indian tied to a stump. 2 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $30- $50
1049 Barclay Winter Figures Including Santa on a sled and horse-drawn sleigh. 10 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $60- $80
1050 Three Figural Cast Iron Souvenir Ash Trays Including drunk in top hat (Bourbon Street), mad wife with rolling pin at a street light, and French hooker at a street light (Spring format). Excellent Condition. $60- $80
1051 Johillco British Royal State Coach 40 mm scale pulled by 8 Windsor Beys. Excellent Condition. $40- $60
1052 Arnold (#2400) Tin-litho US Army Jeep With remote , 3 composition US MP's and radio with original box. Excellent Condition. $100- $200
1053 Lot of Seven Japanese Die-Cast Space Craft Lot of seven Japanese die-cast space craft (Sinshi, Tonto, Toei, others), plus full-color catalog sheet. Excellent Condition. $100- $200
1054 Lot of Five Rare "Drake of England" Privateers By unknown US maker in 60 mm cast-iron in original paint (see O'Brian pp 629-30). 5 Pieces. Very Good Condition. $60- $80
1055 SOLIDO Die-Cast Metal WWII German Tanks Lot of four SOLIDO die-cast metal WWII German tanks. Excellent Condition. $40- $60
1056 SOLIDO Die-Cast Metal WWII French & US Tanks Lot of SOLIDO die-cast metal WWII French and US tanks. 5 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $40- $60
1057 Group of Duval 56 mm Circus Performers Including elephant, camel and horses with performer/riders plus woman shot from a cannon.11 Pieces. Excellent Condition. $80- $120
1058 Britains Ltd. Circus Figures Lot of 9 different pieces. Excellent Condition. $60- $80
1059 Charbens/Benbros Circus Figures Lot of 11 different figures. Excellent Condition. $80- $120

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